10 Facts You Didn’t Know About Kevin Hart

10 Facts You Didn’t Know About Kevin Hart

Although Kevin Hart has become a household name, most fans don’t know much about him beyond his hilarious stand-up acts. Here are 10 interesting facts about this funny Philly native.

1. He’s Taken
Sorry, ladies, but Hart’s raunchy comedy routines may belie the fact that he’s got a fiancee at home. Kevin became engaged to model Eniko Parrish in 2014.


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2. For Hart, Physical Fitness Is No Joke
He gets up at five in the morning to run three miles, then works on his core and lifts weights.


3. He’s Going to Be Neighbors with Drake and the Kardashians
Hart is currently in the process of building a house that will put him in the same vicinity as the “Hotline Bling” hitmaker and the reality family.

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4. He Irons His Own Shirts So He Doesn’t Lose Touch
Not wanting to lose his grasp on real life amidst his wealth, Hart enjoys doing simple tasks like ironing in order to stay grounded.


5. He Keeps a Swear Jar for When His Kids Are Around
Ever the doting dad, Hart insists the visitors pay a dollar if they cuss around his children.

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6. Even When He Wasn’t Famous, Established Comedians Took a Shine to Him
Noticing Hart’s immense talent, comedians like Bill Burr gave him tips to improve his act as he was working his way up the stand-up ladder.
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7. He Was Indirectly Caught Up in the Sony Hack
When Sony’s emails were compromised, people were surprised to discover that an executive badmouthed Hart over email. This led Hart to respond with a pointed Instagram message about valuing his worth.


8. He Was Rejected by SNL
It’s hard to believe now, but Hart was actually turned down after he auditioned for a spot in the storied cast.


9. His Day Job Was Working as a Shoe Salesman
Back in the day, Hart supported himself by selling shoes during the day, then hitting up the comedy club at night.

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10. His Humor Was Developed as a Coping Mechanism
When Hart was growing up, his father fell into the throes of addiction and was often in and out of prison. As a result, Hart started cracking jokes to alleviate some of the sadness at home.

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