10 High Paying Side Jobs that Can Beat Your Salary!

10 High Paying Side Jobs that Can Beat Your Salary!

These days it can be hard finding a full-time job that can provide enough financial support. College graduates are running into this problem now more than ever, with more and more over-qualified individuals forced to work two or three jobs to make ends meet.



So what can you do to earn a little extra? Here are ten good options available.

1. Translator
Pay: $20-40/hr. Translating can be very lucrative, especially in the business world, where you may only need to commit to an hour or two of work at a time. Part-time, temporary.

2. Freelance Writing
Pay: $15-20/hr. If you have a strong command of the English language you can make yourself money by writing for ecommerce sites that crowd source articles to freelance writers. Part-time, temporary, contract.

3. Web Designer
Pay: $20-35/hr. If you know your way around HTML and CSS, designing websites can offer a great option for supplemental income. Part-time, temporary.

4. Technical Writer
Pay: Up to $35/hr. Again, put those writing skills to use. Companies will pay well for transcribing instruction manuals and appendices. Part-time, temporary, contract.

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5. Studio Musician
Pay: $15-20/hr. If music is your passion recording studios may pay you for your skill and knowledge. Part-time, temporary.

6. Tutoring
Pay: $15-20/hr. Many tutoring jobs can be found on Craigslist, ranging from one to multiple sessions. You would schedule your hours around your client, who may or may not have restrictions on their schedule. Part-time, temporary.

7. Graphic Designer
Pay: $15-20/hr. Much like freelance writing, many companies look for freelance graphic designers to craft logos, and content on their websites. Hours would be based per job, and if know your way around Photoshop, why not? Part-time, temporary, contract.

8. Sous Chef
Pay: $20-25/hr. As far as part-time work goes, if you know your way around a kitchen, becoming a sous chef isn’t bad. The pay is decent and hours are comparable to serving positions. Part-time.


9. Artist
Pay: $15-25/hr. If you are skilled in ceramics, or make paintings or drawings as a hobby, try selling them. Research local art festivals and get your foot in the door. Part-time.

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10. House Painter
Pay: $15/hr. This is a job that requires hardly any experience, but some hard work and occasionally long days. Part-time, seasonal.

Overall, I would recommend that you play to your strengths and interests. If you’re a people person, something in customer service would best suit you, etc. All of these jobs offer great options.

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