10 Satisfying Feelings Every ‘Type A’ Person Will Understand

10 Satisfying Feelings Every ‘Type A’ Person Will Understand

Type A personalities have a reputation for being intense, emotional and not the healthiest of personality types. A number of studies associate Type A personality with increased rates of high blood pressure, heart disease and stroke. However, Type A’s also enjoy an upside with their heightened emotional states and hard-driving ways. Here are just a few of positives that Type A personalities enjoy as they go through their lives:

1 – The Intoxicating Feeling of Victory
Type A’s are highly competitive, but this deep desire to excel allows them more opportunities to enjoy the positive rush of victory in activities both large and small.


2 – Satisfaction From Completing A List of Tasks
Type A’s use their hard-driving natures to make and complete lists of tasks that others only imagine. Their highly organized habits allow them to enjoy frequent feelings of satisfaction from ticking these tasks off, one by one.

3 – Relief From Getting All Communications Handled Promptly
Most Type A’s will tackle their email immediately, instead of letting it become a nagging burden. They generally tackle all chores as they arrive instead of letting them fester on their desks. This promptness provides them with an increased feeling of control and freedom.

4 – Feelings of Appreciation for Doing Good Work
Because Type A’s are overachievers, they are more likely to receive those gratifying comments from higher-ups and fellow teammates. These constant ego boosts give Type A personalities a constant stream of positive reinforcement.

5 – The Lack of Stress From Arriving on Time
Type A’s will arrive at a meeting earlier, rather than later, and this measure gives them a few odd moments of mental preparation.

6 – Appreciation for Instant Responses
Type A’s will not let a text or email message languish. They provide an instant response and get positive feedback on this trait from others.

7 – The Serenity of An Organized Workspace
The Type A worker will have everything on hand and in its place, so that he or she can be ready to deal with issues at a moment’s notice. The increased calm of their workplace allows them a more favorable work environment.

8 – The Satisfaction of Planning a Successful Party
The Type A individual’s ability to handle details and juggle tasks makes him or her a natural for party planning and organizing. This personality type will ensure that every eventuality has been taken into account.

9 – The Joy of Breezing Through a Line, Instead of Waiting
The type A individual will calculate the fastest and easiest way to navigate through a line or route. They can then move on to the next task without obstruction.

10 – Increased Peace When Away From Work
Because Type A personalities go into overdrive at work, they are often masters of leaving it behind. Their vacation time is used as a need break to re-charge, and they take full advantage of it with family and friends.

Being a Type A personality is not an easy way to go through life, but the rewards may provide sufficient reinforcement to prevent them from acquiring more relaxed work habits. What do you think? Is the upside of being a Type A personality worth the downside health risks?

10 Satisfying Feelings Every 'Type A' Person Will Understand

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