10 Tiny-But-Crucial Things ALL Women Struggle To Tell Their Husbands

10 Tiny-But-Crucial Things ALL Women Struggle To Tell Their Husbands

When it comes to the issue of communication between different genders, one of the biggest mistakes is wrongly believing that issues that seem “tiny” to you are of no real importance to your partner.

10 Tiny-But-Crucial Things ALL Women Struggle To Tell Their Husbands


Below are 10 tiny, but crucial, things that ALL women struggle to tell their husbands:

Expressing Love – Often

Women struggle between wanting to hear their man express his love for her, and spoiling everything by having to insist that he do it.

Respecting Family Traditions

When men fail to respect the importance of family traditions, women can sometimes struggle to tell their husband that he needs to embrace other ways of doing things.

Asking Dad for Permission

It may sound old-fashioned, or even patriarchal, but many women struggle to tell their husbands one of their greatest desires: to respect her father, the prospective suitor should ask for his daughter’s hand in marriage. In today’s society, many women struggle to tell their suitors just how much they want their father’s grace and permission first before asking for her hand in marriage.

Balancing Incomes

Many men feel righteously entitled to their income, and can sometimes fail to understand the fiscal sensitivities of their wives.

Respecting Her Space

Some men occasionally overstep the privacy boundaries of their spouses, not realizing that even happily married women occasionally need a little space.

A Bountiful Sex Life

Some men enter marriage under the mistaken impression that they won’t be able to truly satisfy their wives, and that their sex life will quickly grow dull and routine. Not true. Women often battle themselves as they work up the courage to demand more vibrant, involved sexual contact and intimacy with their husbands.

Open Ears

Probably the surest way to win a woman’s attention is to listen to her with open ears and an open mind.

A Beautiful White Lie

Truth and honesty are the core bedrock principles of every successful marriage. But many women find it difficult to let men in on a little secret – sometimes it is better to lie. In cases of weight gain or body fluctuations, many women resist revealing that what they truly want from their husbands is for him to deny reality and insist that she looks great.

The Power of a Compliment

Few things perk up a woman’s mood faster than a sincere and meaningful compliment. When women work hard, they want to get the credit that they deserve, and relish a well-placed compliment.

Date Night

Many women find it a struggle to tell their husbands how much implementing a weekly date night program would go towards keeping the marriage fresh, fun and enjoyable.

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