11 Facts You Won’t Believe About Tyra Banks!

11 Facts You Won’t Believe About Tyra Banks!

Since she captivated audiences strutting down renowned runways around the world, Tyra Banks has grown her brand to become a true female icon, mastering many disciplines while remaining smack dab in the center of the public eye. She is a producer, author, talk show host, television personality, Hollywood actress, reality star, singer and perhaps most of all a business woman. But, of course, that’s only the tip of the Tyra Banks iceberg. Underneath the surface are scores of interesting details about the supermodel turned entrepreneur. Following are those facts found most intriguing.

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1. Tyra Banks was the first African-American woman to be featured both on the covers of the swimsuit issue of Sports Illustrated and GQ Magazine.

2. Mrs. Banks acquired her smarts and savvy from her parents who were a computer consultant and photographer for NASA, respectively.

3. Like many outlier talents, Mrs. Banks was faced many rejections at the beginning of her career, having been sent away by 4 modeling agencies before signing with L.A. Models.

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4. Mrs. Banks had an intense rivalry with other famed African American supermodel, Naomi Campbell. Since Mrs. Campbell was more popular at the time, she wielded her influence to kick Tyra Banks off of highly visual fashion shows where Banks might gain more notoriety.

5. Despite her renowned beauty, Tyra Banks was actually considered an “ugly duckling” by her peers in school and was often bullied.

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6. Tyra Banks was one of the original Victoria’s Secret Angels, serving for eight years: 1997 to 2005.

7. She was very strict about her image in her modeling days, never being seen with alcohol, cigarettes, or indecent pics.

8. Mrs. Banks also never photographed with animals, although this was partly due to her allergy to dogs.

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9. Tyra Banks career on television did not begin with America’s Next Top Model. It, in fact, began much earlier on hit 90’s show The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, alongside reported flame Will Smith, during the series’ fourth season.

10. Mrs. Banks has been the victim of cheating and abusive relationships in the past. She is now a vital spokeswoman against abuse in relationships as seen in her appearances on The Oprah Winfrey Show.

11. Although America’s Next Top Model was the television show that formally launched Tyra Banks into the cultural zeitgeist, it was her talk show – The Tyra Banks Show – that earned her two Emmy Awards.

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