12 Celebrity Children Rarely Seen In The Public Eye

12 Celebrity Children Rarely Seen In The Public Eye

Celebrities often need to stay in the public eye as part of their job. However, this doesn’t mean that celebrities need to force their children to undergo the same scrutiny. Here are 12 celebrity kids that are carefully kept out of the public eye by their famous parents and protective security detail.

Chris Rock
Rock is a divorced family man that greatly values his privacy. Zahara Savannah Rock and Lola Simone Rock are his two daughters. Rock takes pride in keeping them out of the brutal world of cameras and questions.


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Beyonce and Jay-Z
Blue Ivy is known the world over as the daughter of musical royalty. When she was born, all of that security even made some New York residents angry at the inconvenience!


Lucy Liu
Not many people even know that Lucy Liu’s son Rockwell Llyod Liu even exists. Even fewer people know that he was born through surrogacy. Liu keeps her child that private.


Keira Knightly and James Righton
Edie, the daughter of this famous couple, has only been seen out and about on a few occasions by the media. Still, those few pictures have been adorable! The parents aren’t ready to release more, but the world will be excited when they do!


Kevin Durand and Sandra Cho Durand
Born on August 30, 2015, the daughter of Kevin Durand and Sandra Cho Durand is kept away from the cameras. The daughter, Amelie, was only seen in one publicly released newborn photo.

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Royce Reed and Dwight Howard
These basketball celebrities may be great sharing points on the court, but they share few pictures of their ten-year-old son.


Jeff Goldblum and Emilie Livingston
Born on the 4th of July, Charlie Ocean Goldblum only recently had his pictures released by his parents. All the public knew about Charlie was that he was born as a Yankee Doodle boy.

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Jack Osbourne and Lisa Osbourne
The couple has two daughters. The oldest, Pearl, is thrilled to be an older sister to Andy Rose. However, the parents are thrilled to keep both kept away from the cameras!

It is reported that Pharrell and his wife simply like to relax at home. Maybe that is one reason why few photos exist of their son Rocket Ayer Williams. However, you can easily see the love this couple feels for little Rocket!


Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling
This Hollywood couple kept pictures of their newborn daughter, Esmeralda, private for six months. Few people even knew Mendez was pregnant.


Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds
This couple decides to be deliberately coy with James, their newborn baby. The couple releases photos, but the photos often hide parts of the baby’s face. They want the world to see him, but they don’t want the world to have all of him!


Erykah Badu and Jay Electronica
Few people even know this couple has a child. The child, Mars, is rarely seen in photos. The couple has a great talent for separating fame and personal life!


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