15 Comics That Hilariously Capture Life As A Parent

15 Comics That Hilariously Capture Life As A Parent

It’s tough being a parent. Take a break with these 15 comics that will give you a laugh before you return to a world of skinned knees and sleep-deprived nights.

1. Drudgery and Frustration


In this comic, two fowls comment on the exhausting and frustrating job that is parenting. Then they agree that it’s the best job in the world.


2. Your Kid With Food

Isn’t it strange how your four-year-old will refuse a meal that looks too orange but then stuff all kinds of bugs, plants and knickknacks in their mouth?


3. They’re Definitely Up to Something

As this fowl knows, the only thing worse than a house full of screaming children is a house full of quiet ones.


4. A Small Version of Yourself

In this comic, the author laments on the exciting life he used to have before he turned into a person that argues with his mini-me about the proper way to use the toilet.


5. Zzzzzz

More than 80 percent of new parents don’t get enough sleep. This fowl knows what’s up.


6. Future Politicians

You wouldn’t know it to look at them, but small children are the most persuasive arguers ever. They definitely have a future in politics.


7. What Your Kids Say When You’re Not in the Room

“Gee, we haven’t scratched each other all day. Let’s start fighting right now! Mom will love it!”


8. Life’s Natural Alarm Clocks

Children don’t know the meaning of 6 am. This must be why they don’t care about waking you up before the sun has even risen.


9. Ah, Who Cares?

It’s a phenomenon known as “first child syndrome.” Everything your eldest does is cause for concern, but when it comes to your second, they’re okay as long as they’re not actively running into walls.


10. Baby’s First Smile

You think you’re sharing a wordless moment of love. In reality, they’re probably having a bowel movement.


11. Those Poor Shrinks

You can never be sure when your innocuous behavior today will be the foundation of your child’s future therapy sessions.

12. Games of Make-Believe

It’s better to just follow their rules without question. You can’t reason with them when they’re pretending to be a unicorn Jedi knight.


13. Are You Alive?

If you aren’t dying, you’re fine. That’s the way real parents deal with their children’s cuts and scrapes.


14. That Ref Was Totally Blind, Anyway

It doesn’t matter if you win or lose, kids. Just make sure you yell at the referee because little Timmy wasn’t out, are you kidding?!


15. Scratchy Tags Are the Worst

The most horrible feeling in the world is a scratchy tag on your shirt. Ask any three-year-old.


These are just a few comics that capture the day-to-day trials of being a parent. What do you think? Are any experiences missing? Sound off in the comments!

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