This 19 Year Old Female Infected 324 Men With HIV For THIS Reason

This 19 Year Old Female Infected 324 Men With HIV For THIS Reason

Since the explosion of HIV/AIDS into the general population in the 80’s, people have lived in fear of contracting this deadly virus, and for good reason. While some people began using protection against contracting this disease, others didn’t. That in itself is scary enough, but to think that certain people out there become involved with others for the sole purpose of infecting them with this virus is even more horrifying. Why would someone do that? Below is an example of someone who did just that, as well as her reasoning behind it.



From Africa To America And Back

The 19-year-old student, who is identified simply as Lungi, hails from Kenya. This is interesting in that the first few cases of HIV/AIDS were traced back to Africa, although it would be a while before researchers could pinpoint exactly how this virus came into existence in humans. Lungi stated that she was infected after a party and thereby set out to get her revenge. While she has infected 324 men to date, she set her goal at 2,000 men. To think that she is doing this over a single episode is both sad and horrifying, for a number of reasons.

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The Case Of The Untrustworthy Partner

Lungi states that she went out clubbing in town on September 22, 2013, and after partying with some fellow college students, they all headed back to their dorms for even more partying. Lungi states that she entered college as a virgin, even though she’d had boyfriends before. She claims that because of her parents’ strict rules, she never thought of taking her relationships to the next level. On this particular night, however, she got so drunk that she passed out.

When she woke, she was in bed with a man whom she calls Javan. She states that the two were friends before this particular episode. Upon waking, she realized that they’d done more than just share a bed, and she asked if he’d used protection. He told her yes, but Lungi later discovered that she’d been lied to. When she confronted Javan, he insisted he was “clean,” but Lungi soon discovered he’d lied to her again.

19 Year Old Female

In November of that same year she tested positive for HIV, and her first inclination was to wallow in self-pity and contemplate suicide. She feared pregnancy, and she was also in fear for her very life. She felt as if her life was essentially over. In addition, she suffered a great deal of angst as she wondered how she was going to break the news to her parents, and she also worried about how the rest of the world was going to react. After a while, though, she traded in those feelings for some cold, hard determination at getting her revenge.

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Lungi admitted that her plan to exact revenge on types like Javan included infecting at least 2,000 men. To date, she has infected 324-156 college students, and the rest are married men, professors, lawyers, celebrities (Charlie Sheen, perhaps?), and politicians. If you’re ever at Kabarak University in Kenya, all I can say is BEWARE!