26 Year-Old Soldier Dies After Telling Jail Guards He Couldn’t Breathe 20 Times

When someone checks into jail on Friday for a 2-day stay from a DWI, he should leave on Sunday and be done with it. When Sgt. James Brown did that in 2012, by Saturday he was dead and left in a body bag. There are so many questions, what exactly happened here being the most prevalent.

According to jail records, when the 26 year-old checked in on July 13, he reported in writing that he suffered from PTSD after serving two tours in Iraq. He was currently on active duty at Fort Bliss, he said goodbye to his family and left for 48 hours in jail.




According to his mother, Dinette Robinson-Scott, James called her after checking in, stating the jail wanted him to serve 7 days instead of 2, and that he wanted to pay the fine and go home. She sent the money the following morning, but it was already too late.

The video shows a bloody jail cell, no one knows why, and a riot team going into his locked cell Saturday morning. The video shows the riot team subduing Sgt. Brown, but what is not apparent is why they are subduing him, he does not appear to be fighting them, or appear at all, until he is carried to the infirmary.  Once in the infirmary he repeatedly asks for water, he is forcibly given injections, and later dies. Warning: Video is graphic.

The medical examiner stated Sgt. Brown died from a sickle cell crisis, which can be brought on by stress, dehydration, or administration of opiates.  His kidneys and liver shut down and he was bleeding from his mouth, ears, and nose within an hour of receiving the injections. Toxicology reports showed no alcohol or drugs in his system.

His family is suing for damages due to violations of the Americans Civil Liberties Act, including lack of proper medical attention and poor treatment. They are hoping that never again will a veteran die from poor treatment in jail, and are petitioning that active duty military will serve in another facility. His mother issued the following statement to their local news affiliate, KFOX14: “If these changes can be made and our soldiers protected, and another family never has to experience what my family has, then my son’s death would not have been in vain.”

Sgt. Brown left behind his wife, small daughter, stepson, and mother.  He was an only child.





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  1. My condolences to the family of Sgt. James Brown’s family. There should be a overhaul of how Law Enforcement Officers and jailers handle the treatment of detainees. A man should never give his life for his Country and come home and be killed by the Country that he love.

  2. i really dont care if the police kill useless civilians, but … this guy? this guy who risked his life to kill to protect freedom so these cops could kill him when he gets home? police have no respect for real sacrifice. those of you involved will have your privacy raped, and the internet will pick at every little detail in your life. seriously you cops…. this could have been me.

  3. The picture came with the articles used as sources, they are listed at the bottom of the article

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