The Freebies Expert Points Out 6 Things You Shouldn’t Spend Your Money On (Get Them For Free!)

The Freebies Expert Points Out 6 Things You Shouldn’t Spend Your Money On (Get Them For Free!)

From groceries to fuel, there are a number of different goods and services to pay for just to survive. Many of these expenses can add up in cost and can make it difficult to have extra money left over. To save more throughout the year, there are a number of items that you can get for free.

The Freebies Expert Points Out 6 Things You Shouldn't Spend Your Money On (Get Them For Free!)


1. Beauty Products

Many women spend hundreds of dollars on expensive beauty products each year to enhance their appearance with makeup and tools. Many of these products can be obtained at no cost by simply requesting a few free samples from the brands that sell them. Sephora also hands out free samples routinely, making it easy to avoid purchasing mascara or perfume. The Allure Free Stuff Program also provides plenty of freebies to consumers who want to try out their latest products.

2. MP3 Downloads

Instead of paying for music on iTunes, you can still listen to your favorite artists by downloading free music through Amazon Deals. Starbucks and iTunes also provide free songs to their customers each week, making it easy to continue building your music library and having new releases to listen to. There are also many different websites that allow users to stream free music, which makes it easy to listen to various genres while you’re at work or when you’re driving in your car.

3. Antibiotics

According to, consumers can obtain free generic antibiotics through various pharmacies. Publix, ShopRite, and Stop & Shop all hand out short-term medicines to increase their business. This can easily save hundreds of dollars each year and can benefit those who do not have health insurance.


4. Amazon Products

If you want to have companies ship you free products at no cost, you can easily sign up for programs that will send you their goods, which will include free shipping. According to, you’ll receive a coupon code at the checkout and will simply be asked to leave a review of the item after you use it. This will make you eligible for more offers and will allow you to obtain items throughout the year without spending a penny.

5. Magazine Subscriptions

Many people spend money each year on magazine subscriptions just to stay updated on the latest celebrity gossip or financial advice. Instead of dishing out more cash for the reading material, you can find free subscriptions just by doing a general search on the web.

6. eBooks

More people are using their tablets to read and download newly released books to enjoy for leisure. Instead of paying $10 to $15 for a book, you can obtain the content for free through various apps that are available, which includes Free Kindle Books and Free Nook Books. There are also a number of different websites that are available to obtain thousands of different books. Those who have a Kindle can also avoid paying for content by borrowing certain books from other readers.

To save money on items that you use frequently, there are a number of easy steps to take to avoid paying more than you need to. You’ll not only enjoy using quality items and services but can have peace of mind knowing that you’ll continue to get more in the future at no cost.