5 Actors Who Almost Died During A Movie Scene

5 Actors Who Almost Died During A Movie Scene

There are many great actors who want to kill it in their scenes, but for these actors the scenes tried to kill them…

• In “Back to the Future Part 3”, Michael J. Fox, trying to make his hanging scene more “realistic” almost died.


• “Now You See Me” star Isla Fisher almost drowned during a magic trick scene.

• Margaret Hamilton’s wicked green makeup caught fire in the original classic “The Wizard of Oz”.

• Gunnar Hanson, the actor that portrayed Leatherface in the original “Texas Chainsaw Massacre”, almost died when he slipped in the mud with his chainsaw.

• In “Rocky IV”, a staged punch almost killed Sylvester Stallone.

Today we have CGI. Should actors rely on Computer Generated Imagery to make dangerous scenes realistic or are some scenes too important to fake?

Here are a few actors who have had a close call


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