Ranking ’80s Singers And Performers By Their Net Worth

Ranking ’80s Singers And Performers By Their Net Worth

Singers from the 1980s are some of the most prolific of all time. They have been around for decades, and many of them are still working today. These singers were pretty successful, and most have a net worth over 50 million dollars.

Ranking ’80s Singers And Performers By Their Net Worth


Bon Jovi
John Bongiovi, Jr., spent his teenage years singing and spending time in a recording studio owned by his cousin. He first hit success with a song he convinced a DJ to play at a club. Mercury records signed Bon Jovi from there. Since the 80s, they’ve sold 120 million albums. Bon Jovi himself has had a successful solo career, and has dabbled in acting. He has an estimated worth of over 300 million dollars.

Axl Rose
He started his life in 1963 with the name William Bruce Rose. He was the founding member of Guns N’ Roses, and one of the most successful bands of the 80s. Their debut album sold about 30 million copies. While he still tours with Guns N’ Roses, he’s the only original band member left from the 80s. He’s thought to be worth approximately $150 million.

Paula Abdul
From L. A. Laker girl to choreographer and singer, Paula Abdul has been around since the 80s. She burst onto the music scene with songs like Straight Up and Forever Your Girl. Recently, she appeared on American Idol as a kind-hearted, if erratic, judge of other singers. Paula Abdul is worth approximately 30 million dollars. She’s said to be appearing on the X-Factor as a judge where she’ll make $2.5 million per season.

George Michael
Michael started off in a band called The Executive with Andrew Ridgeley that didn’t get very far, but when the two formed Wham!, they found success. They were the first western band to tour China, and that brought a lot of media coverage. The band separated in 1986 with Michael continuing his career with songs like Careless Whisper. He’s reportedly worth $175 million.

Once a member of The Police, Sting has had a successful music career on top of being a philanthropist. His most popular song, Every Breath You Take, was published in 1983, and is still netting him royalties today. He’s a prolific songwriter and film score composer. Sting is worth about 300 million dollars.

Vince Neil
The front man for Motley Crue, Neil was in the band from 1981 to 1992 when he left to pursue a solo career. He reunited with the band after five years. He has other ventures besides the band. He owns a bar, restaurant and clothing line. He’s been married four times and has three children. One of his children died of cancer, and he devotes much of his time with the foundation in her honor. He has a net worth of $50 million.

Mariah Carey
The 45 year old, Carey, has sold over 200 million albums worldwide. Her first album was recorded in 1988 and titled Mariah Carey. She’s been a best-selling female artist since she hit the scene in the 80s. That first album netted her a Grammy for Best New Artist, and she’s released successful albums since. Her estimated worth is 520 million dollars.

Ozzy Osbourne
Although Osbourne had been a member of Black Sabbath since 1970, he was fired in 1979 from the band. He went on to have a solid solo career, which included 9 albums. He started the annual metal festival called Ozzfest where he occasionally performs. He also had a reality show called The Osbournes, which featured himself with his family. He has an estimated worth of $220 million.


Bruce Springsteen
Born in New Jersey, Springsteen’s songs often feature the city. He signed with Columbia Records in 1972 and saw huge success by the time his third album hit. Born to Run earned him serious success and was certified platinum 15 times. In 1999, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inducted Bruce. He’s worth about $300 million.

The singer, songwriter and musician grew up in Minneapolis as Prince Rogers Nelson. He released his first album in 1979. it wasn’t until his second album that he became well-known. He had more successful albums like 1999 and Purple Rain. He performs many of the instruments on his songs himself. He has won a Golden Globe, seven Grammys and an Academy Award. His net worth is 300 million dollars.

The singer began her career after moving to New York to pursue modern dance. She recorded her first album titled Madonna while living there in 1983. She released 12 studio albums, and the songs within helped to land her an acting role in 1985. She’s sold 64 million albums in her career. Madonna still tours and sings today, and her net worth is approximately 800 million dollars.

These performers are still singing and holding concerts for their fans. The wealth of these performers doesn’t stop them from enjoying the stage in front of fans.