A Beautiful Act Of Kindness That Left Me Teary-Eyed

A Beautiful Acts Of Kindness That Left Me Teary-Eyed

In this heartwarming video you will see the touching and kind spirit of a young man who spreads the word of God by paying for strangers groceries at the store. Each person who has their order paid for is appreciative and stunned at the generosity of this man they don’t know.

A Beautiful Acts Of Kindness That Left Me Teary Eyed


The message is that it is better to give than receive. Going by the name Jesus Paint Ministries, he pays it forward to several surprised people at a local store. The customers who are most moved by this thoughtful and loving gesture are ironically the ones with the smallest orders. When you watch this video, have some tissues handy. It is a beautiful display of the generosity of the human spirit at it’s finest. This video reminds us of what is good in this world and the kindness of our creator. When we are bombarded with negativity, these acts of love can really warm all our hearts.


Edited 7/11/15