She Wanted to Improve Her Abs; Something Went Wrong; 10 Years Later, This Happily Married Couple is Forever Changed

Anorexic Woman Warns Others

She Wanted to Improve Her Abs; Something Went Wrong; 10 Years Later, This Happily Married Couple is Forever Changed



Anorexia nervosa, commonly known as anorexia, is an eating disorder that is also a mental illness, or psychological disorder. Often people who become anorexic start off just wanting to lose a few pounds, on a slimming diet the same as many of us start every single day, but with anorexics something in the process goes horribly wrong. They become obsessed with calories, exercise, diuretics, enemas, anything they can do to drop even an ounce, some compare it to an addiction.


One beautiful young woman is reaching out to the public with her story, urging others to get help before it’s too late. Rachael Farrokh, 37, was beautiful, healthy, smart, and talented just 10 years ago, she graduated summa cum laude, valedictorian, and was known to be a perfectionist. She was happily married, and at 5’7″ weighed 125 pounds, she wanted to improve her abs.

Ten years later she weighs less than one-third that amount, she is weak, falls down, has difficulty concentrating, and has trouble sleeping. Her husband, Rod Edmondson, quit his job to be her full-time caregiver. He bathes her, carries her, helps her in and out of a wheelchair to go out, and tries to cope with her odd sleeping patterns. She has been in treatment centers but currently weighs too little for anywhere but one treatment center, in Colorado. She has experienced failure of her heart, kidneys, and liver, and in her weakened state took a severe fall in Sept. 2014.


Being so severely underweight makes her a liability of care for many institutions, in January she was in the hospital and they gave her so many fluids she gained 40 pounds of water weight overnight, which led to organ failure and her system shutting down.

Because her husband quit his job, they did not have the funds to get her from their California home to the hospital in Colorado, they set up a GoFundMe account and people responded to her story, donating over $150,000, well over their goal of $100,000, the excess will pay for her continued care at home.


Rachael says she still has a hard time coping with exactly how weak she is, hardly able to brush her own teeth, and needing assistance for the most basic activities of daily life. She is in constant pain, tired, and feels mentally sluggish. They both say they did not see symptoms right away; she had lost her job, was dealing with some past trauma, and it just happened.


40-pound woman's desperate plea goes viral

She says she has learned to live for the moment, because her prognosis is not good at this time. She wants to help others get the treatment they need, and to grab life with both hands.

Some symptoms of anorexia nervosa, both physical and mental include:

  • obsession with food and numbers (ounces, bites, cutting each piece of food into so many pieces, calories in vs. calories out, measuring everything)
  • low blood pressure
  • irregular heartbeat
  • constipation/abdominal pain
  • anemia
  • loss of bone density
  • irregular or absent periods
  • brittle nails, dry flaky skin, hair loss, new baby-soft hair on extremities, tooth loss from excess vomiting
  • irregular sleep patterns, fatigue during the day
  • difficulty concentrating
  • mood and/or anxiety disorders
  • need for perfection

If you or someone you love may have this, please see your healthcare professional for a psychiatric consult right away. Being in therapy, talking to others with the disease, and treating symptoms is your best way to get on the road to recovery.


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6 thoughts on “She Wanted to Improve Her Abs; Something Went Wrong; 10 Years Later, This Happily Married Couple is Forever Changed

  1. This is so sad. She was such a beautiful woman. It’s devastating to see her physical health deteriorate because of a mental disorder.
    Kudos to her husband. It must be hard on him too.
    I hope she finds peace and regain her health.

  2. She was a very beautiful woman before. Definitely a mental ailment or disorder for her to allow self to get to this point. Hubby is awesome. Many men would have walked out some time ago. Prayers for the both of them in Jesus name.

  3. I feel for her. A plight most will never understand. What I an having a hard time understanding is, they raised 200,000, yep, TWO HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS. Because doctors gave up on her and realization set in, she asks for money to help. 10 YEARS TO GET BETTER. I know an 18 year old with Ewing Sarcoma , put rhe word out for help and raised 930.00. We will give TWO HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS to a person who will not eat but nearly nothing to a young cancer patient. No, I do not understand or feel sorry for this person.

    1. Send more info on that person and we will look into an article, more people knowing is what raises money, bests

    2. You do not feel for her! you said so at the beginning of your note! Who are you to decide what sickness is more important……I hope you never get a mental illness but if you do I bet there will be many people who will feel for you! and then you will “understand” Why do you have to have personal experience of something before you can understand or feel empathy for someone else. This disease is real, my father in law died last month of skin cancer should we not feels sorry for him because he got it because he didn’t cover his skin when going out in the sun?? Seriously you need to grow your heart a bit larger.

  4. I have a hard time with this too. I certainly don’t want to see anyone die, especially prematurely and from something that is curable. My issue is that it stems from vanity that goes too far. If it is more about mental illness that feeds the eating disorder, it seems more logical to diagnose the mental illness that results in anorexia, no? I don’t know. I hope this young woman gets the help she needs.

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