Black Investors Changing The World Through Technology

Black Investors Changing The World Through Technology

Black Investors Changing The World Through Technology

This is the Black History Month which is also called the National African American History Month. It’s an annual event to celebrate the achievements made by black Americans and a moment to recognize the roles they have played in the United States. Here are some black founders that have made an impact in the tech industry:

Black Investors Changing The World Through Technology


Anthony Heckman

He is an associate of a company that believes in the power of transformative ideas in collaboration with diverse teams. He focuses on evaluating and sourcing investment ideas that can help a company advance. Heckman became a member of the firm in 2015. He was previously working at a law firm Cooley providing startup clients with details about acquisitions, mergers, and operational themes.

Kimberly Bryant

Half a decade old Bryant is an electrical engineer who has been in the biotechnology field at Genentech, Diagnostics Merck, and Novartis Vaccines. She founded the Black Girls Code in 2011. This encompasses programming concepts who are underrepresented in tech careers.

William Crowder

William became a member of Comcast Ventures in 2012 to pilot the Catalyst Fund which aims at investing in startups with assorted founding teams. His role is to identify, execute, and manage new investments. William is now the leader of the tech Company worth about $20 million which has seen the growth of early-stage startups.

Kesha Cash

Dubbed as “Top Five Changer” by Forbes, Kesha founded Impact American Fund and co-founded Jalia Ventures with the idea of sourcing, evaluating investment opportunities, and bargain deal terms, and provide business support to portfolio companies while also experiencing a social challenge.

Ryan Williams

He founded and runs Cadre, a platform that links eligible institutions and personalities to scrutinized real-estate opportunities. Since its launch in 2014, the company has raised over $70 million in VC funding. Capital and Founders Fund, General Catalyst, and Thrive Capital are among the investors.

Lisa Dyson

As a founder and CEO of Kiverdi, Dyson has a diverse background in business consulting, management, scientific research, and technology development. Her role in the company is to ensure that carbon-rich wastes are transformed into useful products.

Marlon Nichols

He co-founded Cross Culture Ventures, a capital firm that aims to support technology and consumer products investors. As a former worker at Intel Capital, Nichols has invested in companies like Sidestep App and Lendstreet Financial, a fintech establishment whose goal is to see people out of debt and get credit.

Brit Fitzpatrick

Brit is the founder and CEO of Mentor Me, a cloud E-Harmony that’s meant to mentor. Previously, she was working as the Communication Coordinator for Ronald McDonald House Charities. She pursued her masters in digital media marketing at the University of Memphis.

Jon Gosier

Apart from being a software developer and an investor, Gosier is a philanthropist. Born in 1981, CNN named him as one of Ten African Tech Voices to follow on Twitter. He launched Cross Valley Capital in 2014 and currently founded COO of WoundMetrics, a system that provides cognitive computing and medical analysis.

Gayle Jennings O’Byrne

She is the CEO of The Prometheus Exchange and principal of Maya Ventures Partners. Previously, she worked for JPMorgan Chase since 1998, as a vice president of international government relations and as a mergers and acquisitions banker. Maya Ventures Partners invests in black and Latina women founding tech startups which aim to create a diversity venture ecosystem in the untapped markets.

Peter Boyce

The 25-year-old Peter Boyce is a co-founder of Rough Draft Ventures. He jokes that not everyone has a rich uncle. He previously worked at General Catalyst Partners, a firm that supports university students by devoting up to $25,000 in startups during the earliest stages. Boyce holds a degree in applied mathematics from Harvard University.

Kathryn Finney

She is an author, a television correspondent, and tech entrepreneur. Finney got a Champion of Change Award in 2013 from the White House for her role in making technology more inclusive. She is the founder of digitalundivided, a firm that makes programs to boost active participation of urban communities, particularly women.

Wayne Sutton

As the co-founder of Change Catalyst and its Tech Inclusion, Sutton has been to White House thrice during the Obama administration. Inspired by Obama, he came up with Tech Inclusion, an organization that links with tech communities to address diversity and inclusion through strategic training, consulting, career fairs, and conferences.

Riana Lynn

She is a Chicago food tech entrepreneur who founded FoodTrace, a startup that makes programs and mapping apps for food sourcing management. Her tech platform uses big data and small business user profiles to connect food distributors, specialty food manufacturers, and local farms with wholesale food buyers. The aim of the company is to boost revenue opportunities for local food buyers, such as restaurants and grocery stores.

Trevor Thomas

He is the co-founder & General Partner at Cross Culture Ventures. Previously, Thomas was the Vice President at Gastronome Ventures, a $20 million customer focused fund. He was also the CEO of The Third Space, an airport lounge which aim was to strengthen the airport travel experience through local entertainment, art, and food choices. He holds an MBA from the Darden School of Business at the University of Virginia.