British Woman Raped By Her Husband Over 300 Times While Asleep

British Woman Raped By Her Husband Over 300 Times While Asleep

Sarah Tetley was shocked after she watched the video of her husband molesting her while she was asleep, then being brutally raped in her sleep by her husband Charlie Tetley. She was shown videos that her husband had filmed by the police.(video below)

British Woman Was Raped By Her Own Husband Over


Sarah, 26, was only 18 years old when she met Charlie Tetley, who is now 34, working in a village pub, he proposed soon after they met, but she put it off. She explained, “He’d come in with his friends from time to time. He seemed like quite a charming person, had quite a lot of friends… He was just charming and decent. My boss never explained why she didn’t like him. ”

She decided to give up her job and live with him, but she said his family wasn’t friendly at all, and they tried to avoid each other as much as they could.

When she became pregnant, his behavior became odd toward her, sometimes extremely bad she said: “He was ‘okay’ with me being pregnant, but was adamant he didn’t want a son, he thought boys were disgusting, he said if we were having a boy we were getting rid of it. I was quite scared really. A few weeks before she was born he was saying, ‘You’ve got to lose weight or I’ll leave you.’ He didn’t hold our daughter till she was 3 months old.” They got married, he admitted that he slept with 3 prostitutes at his bachelor party.

British Woman Was Raped By Her Own Husband Over 300

In November 2013 she explained, “I woke up in the morning in that drowsy waking-up stage and realized he was molesting me in my sleep. At the time I thought I’d just pretend I was asleep… He stopped pretty quickly and I left the bedroom and went downstairs and sat up watching some rubbish on TV. Once it got to daylight and he went to work I went round to my neighbor’s and I said, ‘It’s wrong, and I want to lock him out.’” She called the police, they investigated his computer and found out that he had raped her 316 times in her sleep and videotaped it. The police would call and inform her about the case, they told her that the videos were disgusting, they were shocked by what was in them.

Husband Sexually Assaults Wife 300 Times While She Slept

She watched about 16 of them and explained, “There was a couple where I didn’t appear to be breathing or moving, it looked like I was dead in some of them,” her husband might have been drugging her. She added that she used to wake up with a numb arm and also said, “A lot of the videos weren’t just of him, they were of household objects and things he’d decided to do with those.”

Her husband pleaded guilty to 26 counts of rape and assault. Charlie Tetley is currently serving 12 years in prison.

Source: people