14 Celebrities You Didn’t Know Have A Twin

14 Celebrities You Didn’t Know Have A Twin

One became famous, the other, not so much. But they have been together since the moment of their birth. Here are 14 celebrities who are actually twins.

1) Scarlett Johansson: She has been kicking butt for years as The Black Widow. Her twin brother, Hunter, has mostly stayed out of the limelight, the exception being a role in Manny & Lo, opposite his sister. But he has served as a campaign adviser to President Obama and organized a charity event for victims of Hurricane Sandy.



2) Kiefer Sutherland: He’s spent over a decade saving the world as Agent Jack Bauer in 24. Kiefer also has a twin sister who works in Hollywood, but not in front of the camera. Rachel Sutherland is a post production supervisor.

Kiefer Sutherland

3) Vin Diesel: Both he and his twin brother, Paul, work in the film industry. While Vin stars in “The Fast and the Furious” movies, Paul Vincent takes care of things behind the scenes as a film editor.

Vin Diesel

4) Siva Kaneswaran: He hit it big as a member of the band The Wanted. His twin brother, Kumar, followed Siva into the limelight as he has modeled and starred in the TV shows Uncle Max and Rock Rivals

Siva Kaneswaran

5) Joseph Fiennes: Many viewers know him as Monsignor Timothy Howard from American Horror Story. However, they may not know about his twin brother. Jacob Fiennes is a conservationist.

Joseph Fiennes

6) Parker Posey: She made a name for herself in various independent movies, as well as TV shows like Louie and Granite Flats. Her twin brother, Christopher, prefers his success to be away from the camera. He is a lawyer.

Parker Posey

7) Olly Murs: He was a star on Britain’s X-Factor. Instead of a singing career, his twin brother, Ben, opted to go into the engineering field.

Olly Murs

8) Duffy: The Welsh singer achieved international fame with her debut album Rockferry. As for her twin sister, Katy Ann, Duffy has referred to her as a bit of a “party animal.”


9) Gisele Bündchen: Many know her as the wife of Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, but she has had a very successful modeling career. Her twin sister, Patricia, helps out Gisele as her manager and spokeswoman.

Gisele Bündchen

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10) Ashton Kutcher: The star of That 70’s Show and Two-and-a-Half Men has a twin brother named Michael, who as a child was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. Michael is now a spokesman and advocate for funding for cerebral palsy research.

Ashton Kutcher

11) Charlotte Ronson: She’s a talented fashion designer. You also may know her sister, DJ Samantha, who provides music for Charlotte’s runway shows. And you guessed it. They’re also twins.

Charlotte Ronson

12) Michael Schumacher: He is one of the most successful F1 racers in history, with seven championships. His twin brother, Ralf, also won his share of F1 races.

Michael Schumacher

13) Stephen Curry: He not only won the MVP in 2014-2015, but led the Golden State Warriors to the NBA Championship. His twin brother, Seth, is also in the NBA, but unfortunately with the hapless Sacramento Kings.

Stephen Curry

14) Rob Gronkowski: “The Gronk” get a lot of press as a star tight end for the Patriots, but twin brother Dan was also a TE for the Lions.

Rob Gronkowski