10 Celebs You Never Knew Dated Each Other

10 Celebs You Never Knew Dated Each Other

It isn’t just our friends who shock us with who they date. Celebrities’ social lives can have some jaw-dropping surprises whether it is a romance from before they made it big or a fling that was kept under wraps. But no matter how surprising the match, we should not jump to the conclusion that it wasn’t a love affair worthy of poems and great books. Let’s look at ten of the most surprising celebrity romances.

1. Madonna and Vanilla Ice


For a brief moment in 1990, a flame burned bright between the Material Girl and the man who brought us ‘Ice, Ice, Baby.” Over eight electric months, Ice and Madonna were as one, going to dinner and movies like everyday people. This couple overcame the great obstacle of fame by wearing disguises when in public, he with a mustache and long hair and she as an old lady. Really, it’s shocking that no one has written a play based on this epic love story. Ice went on to marry Laura Giarittia and have two daughters. Madonna’s journey is too long to summarize.

2. Justin Timberlake and Fergie

Fergie proved that she was a modern woman in this May-December romance. Fergie was the older woman in this affair with Justin in the mid-1990s. What made this particularly progressive was that Fergie took to the role of the ‘older woman’ when she was only 23. And Justin was 16. After their relationship ended, Justin brought sexy back and then married Jessica Biel. Fergie went on to marry Josh Duhamel and sing ‘Big Girls Don’t Cry.’

3. Tom Cruise and Cher

Tom and Cher showed us what two beautiful souls coming together looks like. For Cher, it looked like large wigs. The romance began in the mid-80s with a chance meeting at the White House, as most romances do. Cruise had just hit it big with the movie ‘Risky Business.’ Cher had been a mega-star since the 1960s. Alas, this romance was not meant to last. Tom Cruise moved forward and went on star in the iconic ‘Top Gun’ and to generally be successful in all things and is reported to now be dating his 22-year old assistant Emily Thomas. Cher stayed busy with a number one hit on the Billboard chart in every decade from 1960 to 2010 and has been dating Ron Zimmerman since 2010.

4. Kourtney Kardashian and Justin Beiber

Breaking up is hard, but Kourney showed us how to be strong and immerse yourself in other activities, namely The Beibs, after her breakup with Scott Disick. These two met in the fall of 2015 and have made us Beliebers in the power of love. Or something. As of the moment, the two are still a couple.

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5. Ashton Kutcher and January Jones

Ashton Kutcher and January Jones dated from 1998 – 2001 when she first arrived in Los Angeles and before either had made names for themselves in acting. Ms. Jones has shared in interviews that Ashton thought that encouragement sounded like, “I don’t think you are going to be any good at this,” as she tried to launch her acting career. Cue the break up. Ashton went on to star in That 70’s Show, be Demi Moore’s younger man, and is now married to Mila Kunis. January Jones went on to prove Kutcher wrong by starring in her own hit show and is currently single.

6. Kate Hudson and Nick Jonas

While official answers are ‘not dating’ and ‘just hanging out,’ these two have been spotted getting cozy starting in fall of 2015. No word about whether they have progressed to a Netflixx-and-chill level or if they remain in a just-hanging-out stage of their relationship.

7. Tatum Channing and Amanda Bynes

During the filming of ‘She’s the Man’ Tatum Channing and Amanda Bynes saw each other and believed they looked into the face of love. Tatum Channing has likely realized that he was looking into the face of crazy and may file their brief affair in the ‘Dodged a Bullet’ file in his mind. Tatum Channing married Jenna Dewan in 2009. Amanda Bynes announced her retirement from acting in 2012, underwent psychiatric treatment in 2013 after several public incidents, and is now reported to be doing very well.

8. Josh Hutcherson and Vanessa Hudgens

These two made the big reveal that they had indeed been an item in an awkward interview. Romance blossomed during the filming of ‘Journey to the Center of the Earth 2: They Mysterious Island’ around 2011. But their connection was brief. Hutcherson is dating another co-star, Claudia Traisac. Hudgens is dating Austin Butler.

9. Andre Agassi and Barbra Streisand

This relationship defies description. Andre and Babs dated in 1992 and broke up in 1993. Andre is currently married to fellow tennis great Steffi Graf in 2001 and Barbra Streisand has been married to James Brolin since 1998.

10. Ted Danson and Whoopi Goldberg

Ted Danson and Whoopi Goldberg co-starred in the movie ‘Made in America’ and began a relationship in 1992 that resulted in Ted Danson’s divorce from his wife, Casey Coates in 1993. Ted Danson later married Mary Steenburgen in 1995 and Whoopi is reported to currently be single.

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