Black Lives Matter: So They Say!

Do Black Lives Really Matter?

Before getting upset over the title, the answer is YES. However, the social media frenzy of the age that we currently live in has caused everyone to question this. The killing of African Americans is shown more often with a harsh light than when a Caucasian is killed. The same goes when an African American is the suspect versus a Caucasian.



One theory behind why the news and media seem to be so harsh on African Americans is the photo that is shown when a victim or suspect is talked about. When it is a Caucasian, the photo often shows a smiling person: unarmed, harmless, healthy, and almost perfect. When the victim or suspect is African American, however, the photos show something different: harsh glare, frown, a rough personality, and harmful. There are plenty of pictures of a person to pick from. So why show the darker, and possibly more incriminating, pictures for a specific race?

Immediately following the Travyon Martin murder case, and since, the media has ignored many murders that were committed by African Americans against those of their same race. However, of the reports, a good half (at the least) of the suspects classified as “white” probably weren’t supposed to fall in that category and were more likely Hispanics. The FBI has declared that Hispanics – and anyone else – who doesn’t fall into the broader categories should be put into the category that most closely resembles them. Go figure.

It really breaks down like this:

The “A” category is for anyone who has Island background, such as from Indian sub-continent, Pacific Islands, or Far East. “B” is for anyone with African roots. “I” is for Alaskan natives or American Indians/Native Americans. “W” is for white: Europe, North Africa, or Middle Eastern roots. “U” is unknown or a mix pretty much…Mind blowing.


Furthermore, the death of Christian Taylor on August 7th, 2015 has been whirling in the news. The official police story says that he had crashed a car into the front window of the GMC and struggled with the police. During the struggle, he was shot.

Well, social media went crazy over the story. There was no video of the shooting, which is making everyone question whether or not the police assumption of Taylor attempting to commit a robbery is actually correct. Taylor’s family says it is not, but police refuse to retract the statement since there’s no video evidence that has been found.

Further details of the case include a release of Taylor’s record: six months of adjudication on a drug charge from December 2014. He was a good man and served his sentence.

A football player as well, his team is upset by the death. His coach posted on Twitter that his heart hurt at the murder.

Unfortunately in 2015 this is even a topic,however it has only been 51 years since African Americans have experienced progressive change and play major roles in American society. While mainstream media publicizes and propagates  these stories for ratings, are the real issues of poverty, educational system, employment, drugs and arbitrary police power that plague the black community being asked ?