Doctors Blamed This Plus Size Model’s Pain on Her Weight But She Had Cancer!

Doctors Blamed This Plus Size Model’s Pain on Her Weight But She Had Cancer!

When Ella Mayday was 25 years old, she seemed to be heading into a bright future. The airline hostess was also a plus-sized model, who was in the works to land a major contract and build a better life for herself. However, through all of this, she battled symptoms which doctors would not take seriously.



Severe back pain, frequent bladder infections, abdominal pain, and feeling unwell were enough to send her to the doctor again and again, only to be given painkillers and sent away. Elly was even told her weight may be the reason for her problems, and was instructed to began core strengthening exercises. She tried, but her problems persisted.

Doctors Told This Plus Size Model Weight Was Causing Her Pain, But it Was Cancer

Finally, she was given a CT scan, and they discovered a cyst on her ovary. Her “weight-related” pain turned out to be stage 3 ovarian cancer. Ovarian cancer symptoms include abdominal and back pain, and many of the other symptoms she experienced. It is rare for someone her age to develop this form of cancer.

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“I felt really stupid for a long time,” Elly said of how doctors made her feel. “Going into the emergency room and someone’s just saying, ‘What do you want us to do for you?'”

Elly’s life turned upside down, as she began to undergo treatment for her cancer. She had a hysterectomy, destroying any dreams of future children. Chemotherapy followed, which made her lose the weight she was becoming famous for, as well as her hair.

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Still, the model kept doing what she loved, continuing her lingerie modeling with less curves and a bald head. She wanted to show strength and be an inspiration for women who may be experiencing similar things.


Elly’s story is not unfamiliar. Women seem to have a harder time getting answers and treatment for their issues; they tend to be brushed off or told they don’t know what they are talking about. What can be done to improve healthcare for women? Is better education for women the answer, or more compassion from doctors?