15 Things You Didn’t Know About Donald Trump’s Kids

15 Things You Didn’t Know About Donald Trump’s Kids

Donald Trump’s candidacy has been somewhat unique because he has five children by three different wives. Normally, it is very hard for a divorced man with multiple families to become president. Now that Trump has been elected president, you may want to learn more about his children. Here are 15 surprising facts about Donald Trump’s kids.



1. At 38 years old, Donald Trump Jr. is the oldest Trump kid. Like his father, he is a businessman who is married to a blonde former model.


2. Donald Jr. has been the source of some online scandal because of his hobbies. He enjoys hunting rare animals. People have been outraged after images showed up of him posing next to a dead leopard.


3. Donald Jr. and his wife have five children together. Their kids range in age from two to nine. One is also named Donald after his famous grandpa.


4. The popular reality television show, The Apprentice, has featured Donald Jr. several times. He often showed up as a guest judge or an advisor for contestants.


5. Ivanka Trump is the second child Donald had with his first wife, Ivana. She is actually very good friends with Chelsea Clinton, the daughter of Hillary Clinton. The two became friends before their parents started running against each other for the presidency.


6. Ivanka worked as a model when she was a teenager, just like her mother and stepmothers. However, Donald was not in favor of her working as a model at such a young age. He felt that it was “a risky proposition.”



7. A few years ago, Ivanka moved from modeling to the business world. She created a fashion line that was starting to be successful. The brand took a huge hit when her father ran for president. People who do not approve of his opinions began boycotting the line.


8. Eric Trump is 32 years old, and he is the last child that Trump had with his first wife. He is married but has not had any children yet. Eric works at the Trump Organization alongside his siblings.


9. When he was just 22, Eric started the Eric Trump Foundation. This foundation aims to raise money for a hospital to treat diseased children. However, there have been some concerns that the funds raised were paid to Trump Organization instead of going to the hospital.


10. Eric may be facing some legal issues after tweeting an image of his filled-out election ballot. Though he was trying to support his father, this action is illegal in some states.


11. 23-year-old Tiffany Trump is Trump’s only child with his second wife. She has been in the spotlight less than the other Trump kids because she does not campaign with him regularly.


12. As a teen, Tiffany wanted to be a musician. She recorded one pop song called “Like a Bird,” but then she decided she was not interested in music anymore.


13. Trump has been quoted as saying he is proud of all of his children, but he says he is proud of Tiffany “to a lesser extent.” Trump says she has not done as much as her older siblings. The young woman has not commented on how she feels about this statement.


14. Barron Trump is the youngest Trump child. He is only ten years old and gets very sleepy during the long political speeches made by his dad. Barron is often photographed yawning or napping at events.



15. Barron is nicknamed “Little Donald” because he is so much like his father. His mother, Donald’s third wife, says he shared Donald’s personality. They love to play golf together.


Typically, the family life of a presidential candidate is a great deal of scrutiny. Many people believe that a candidate’s ability to lead a nation is predicted by how they lead a family. Only time will tell if Trump’s children have any effect on their father’s presidency.

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