15 Fresh Business Ideas To Make You Rich This Year

15 Fresh Business Ideas To Make You Rich This Year 

Entrepreneurs looking to earn in 2016 need to lay some fresh business plans. Bringing in the dough is easy as long as you have direction. If you are in the midst of indecision, here are some conventional and unconventional ideas to help you along.

15 Fresh Business Ideas To Make You Rich This Year


Brew Your Own Beer

Ever thought of crafting your own brew? There may be some legal tape to cross, but on the other side awaits glory. Earn some cash and bragging rights by taking the appropriate steps to sell your draft on the market.

Create an App

There’s an app for that. Or is there? Know something the rest of us don’t? Want to share that precious information? Maybe you’ve got an idea for a time-wasting game that will hypnotize the masses. Learn how to do it yourself and reap the rewards.

Become an Auctioneer

All you need to accomplish this feat is a high school diploma, a license, and a tongue forged from steel. A little knowledge about every little trinket known to man wouldn’t hurt either. Never allow anyone to understand you again, and get payed for it.


Mow Some Grass

Have you got an eye for precision lawn care? When you look at a hedge, do you see the potential for a leafy bust of Benjamin Franklin? Grass is everywhere and nature needs to be kept in check. Turn your skills into little paper versions of Benjamin Franklin by starting your own landscaping business.

Sell Your Food

Perhaps your garden game is unrivaled. Can you pickle your own vegetables? Bake your own pies? Maybe you just mastered the art of banana anchovie pizza. Take your perishables down to your local farmer’s market and share the grub for some love. Love as in cash.

Start a Restaurant

Or maybe you have bigger plans than the farmer’s market. Maybe you want to hire people to cook for you while adhering to health safety codes and regulations. Maybe you have a killer idea for some new innovation, such as a dining experience where all the servers are actually bears. Get creative and feed the hungry.

Singing Telegram Service

Absolutely do this. Do this and don’t look back. Think this particular field is outdated? Guess again. If you sing even halfway decent, you can brighten someone’s day for a fee. It really doesn’t get any more legit than this. This article might as well be over.

Start a Music Label

Are there an abundance of starry-eyed musicians with potential to captivate America in your community? Establishing your own musical brand and getting those bards on the airwaves might be the solution to your bank account. It takes hard work to run a record label. With a keen ear, an access to talent and the proper business plan, this venture could make you rich and eccentric.

Disc Jockey Service

If music is an avenue you’re interested in walking, but you don’t want to go so far as to found your own label, maybe you’ll find your dream  behind the mic. Bonus! You can create your own station, too. You might become the outlet someone else’s startup music label needs for instant exposure.

Buy into a Franchise

There are pros and cons to this, but that’s with everything. Franchises are like gargantuan pies that charge exorbitant amounts for a little slice. If you know what you’re doing, however, that slice can feed you for a lifetime.

Become a Street Entertainer

Are you the life of the party with an insane talent for contorting your body into something that resembles a rubber band ball? Then you have what it takes to make money busking. People are constantly looking to be entertained, especially tourists. Throw some traveling into your work schedule and set up shop on the sidewalk where tourists are known to frequent.

Rent Your Space Out

All the people that already stopped reading this article when they found their niche are going to need a place to set up shop. That’s where you come in, budding landlord. Rent it out. Rent it all out. Chairs, sofas, rooms. And as in all endeavors, use good judgement.

Proposal Writing

Does this job sound boring? Yes. Does the pay make that aspect worth it? Oh indeed yes. It’ll take some know-how but you can start learning today. Developing a portfolio may take some time, but the good news is there are a lot of clients out there looking for people in this profession.

Create Your Own Online Course

If you’ve got some time on your hands and specific knowledge to share, creating your own online course could educate a new generation of entrepreneurs and keep your wallet healthy.

Sell Yourself

Are you an expert with all kinds of wisdom amassed from experience and dedication to any field of value? There are people that want to pick your brain. Become a consultant and charge them for it.

There are definitely plenty more options out there. Here’s another list of viable opportunities as well. As you begin your new business, the people at www.entrepreneurship.org want to teach you about financing, and the U.S. Small Business Administration wants to help you develop a coherent plan. What are you waiting for? Get to work!

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