Gardening Means Revealing You from Within

Gardening Means Revealing You from Within

Gardening is not merely a hobby. It is a whole spiritual process of revealing yourself from within. Here are few aspects of gardening that help you reveal yourself.


The process of karma!

When you sow a seed and let it grow by nurturing it daily. Your karma is shown when you see it grow. Your care helps the plant to grow. If you leave it and don’t take care of it, then it will die eventually. So here it goes that you shall bear the fruits of your karma. The results would be same as per your focus and deeds. When you nurture the plant, it will grow, and when you don’t take care of it, it will die.

Plus, it is a very fulfilling feeling when you enable some life on this earth. You will feel proud and complete within.

The process of healing your plants!

Most of the plants in your garden may suffer from various diseases like sky pencil holly problems, etc. The condition of your plants or garden shows your attitude towards anything in life. It shows how you care about the things in your life. Is it just for first few days that you are active towards that thing, or it’s a lifelong commitment for you?

When you work towards healing your ill plants, it’s a whole new spiritual process for you to heal thyself from within. As your plants start to grow healthy, it gives back that feeling to you as well. You also feel light from within. You feel relieved from your past deeds which you might think are the reason for your sufferings. You feel that you have paid back in some manner for your past deeds and felt lighter from within.

Some gardening business ideas!

If it’s not only the karma that enlightens you, but you want fruitful results as well in monetary terms, then here are few gardening fresh business ideas, which you can start from your home.

  • Grow and sell herbs.
  • Make recycled garden decor.
  • Buy and sell Vertical Gardens.
  • Teach floral arrangement workshops.
  • Teach bonsai classes online.
  • Sell DIY gardening kits.
  • Build vegetable gardens for people.
  • Open gardening supply store online.
  • Write an eBook on gardening.

Law of the mighty Nature!

At some point in gardening, you come to a point where whatever more efforts you put in; the progress shall be as per nature. Your inputs might not show that much faster results. Here you realize that there is a mightier force that is nature which governs everything. You can expedite certain parts of growth of your garden, but at the end, you should wait for nature to do its act with time. You come across a feeling that you are a mere entity in this world and cannot control everything.

You get a feeling to submit yourself to this mightier force and let it do its work. Sometimes you cannot do anything beyond a point and let nature do its work.

Quiet Moments in your garden!

Whether you believe it or not but garden do have that healing content to themselves. Try and sit in your garden to have those quiet moments without doing anything. Just observe your plants. You can talk to your plants about your problems, and they shall listen. You don’t know, but when you say your problems to your plants, you will see that your problems start to vanish slowly.

It has been observed in a study that when you start to spend quite moments in your garden with your plants, it has a healing effect on your life and life conditions. Also, it’s a perfect place to meditate and pray in vicinity of your plants. You don’t feel alone and there is also no disturbance. The whole act of praying with your plants creates a spiritual environment in your garden which not only heals you but also heals your garden and its plants.

After all, plants are also living to be, just they cannot express themselves like us humans, but you can see the difference in the way they grow and the kind of energy they reflect in the garden.

Exercise that bit off!

Gardening is not only about spiritual well-being, but it could provide you whole body exercise. Spend some time every weekend in your garden, taking care of your plants. The bending, stretching and a whole lot of labor that you will put into your garden will help you to stay fit physically.

Sowing the seeds require you to do some bit of hand movements, then you must move plants from over sunlit areas to bit shady areas, and some from shady areas to sunlit areas depending on their needs. This will allow you to workout your hands and feet both making them strong. You must have observed farmers. They do not do any exercise and eat a lot of fat yet they have lean and scaled bodies. You can also adapt their habits to have a healthier body.

If you have any gardening related questions, leave it in your comments. I would also like to know your gardening experience and how it helped you to relieve yourself.