Happy Father’s Day! To All The Men Who Love And Protect Their Children!

Happy Father’s Day! To All The Men Who Love And Protect Their Children!

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I love being a father. There’s no greater responsibility in a man’s life than making sure his child is safe, feels love, and gives them the security of knowing he will be there for him or her no matter what! It’s been 24 years since Michae’ (pronounced Me-shay) came into my life and turned my world upside down. Even though our relationship has been long distance for much of her life, it’s been consistent and that’s what counts.


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Too often the importance of fathers is discounted. Many women believe they can be both father and mother to a child, which is ridiculous since a woman can never be an example of a man. However, as a man who watched his mother struggle raising three kids alone I understand their frustration. But Father’s Day isn’t about the deadbeats it’s about the men who have been present and engaged in their children’s lives, even when the child isn’t biologically his own. Isn’t that worth celebrating?

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To understand the impact of fatherhood all you have to do is look into the eyes of a man or woman when he or she talks about their dad, “My dad said this.” and “My dad use to do that” and “My dad always taught me to always” etc… It’s like having a hype man bragging about all the knowledge and love you put into your child. And that’s the true reward of fatherhood, knowing that your child applied the lessons you taught them and felt your presence.

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But the most important function of a father is to be an example to his sons as to how to treat a woman, how to treat those who are less fortunate, and how to be responsible to himself, his family and his community.

And when it comes to our girls, it’s daddy’s job to set the standard for how she is to be treated by other men, to encourage her to pursue her dreams even when the world tells her girls aren’t supposed to do that! And most of all to make sure she has a healthy love and respect for men in general.

Which brings me back to examples, no matter how independent and strong a woman is she will never posses a man’s tone of voice, a man’s perspective on life, and most of all, the security that only a father’s love can give his children.
So, to the men who stayed the course even when they were unappreciated, marginalized, and some who even had to fight legal battles to be in their children’s lives, Happy Father’s Day! No matter what the world says about children not needing us, we all know better, right?

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