How a College Dropout Who Was Fired From her First Job Created a 15 Million Dollar Company!

How a College Dropout Who Was Fired From her First Job Created a 15 Million Dollar Company!

Losing your job can knock the wind out of your sails. Regardless of the reason, rebounding isn’t easy. Laura Ward-Ongley was let go for being irresponsible. A strong British woman, she grabbed the bull by the horns and turned her life around. This former University drop-out now owns a company worth $15 million. Following is the synopsis of her road to success. If you’ve been fired, prepare to be inspired.

She Was Fired From Her Job And Now Owns A Company Worth 3 Million Dollars


Stars in Her Eyes

Studying at the London School of Economics held no interest for Ms. Ward. She left college and set her sights on getting a job. After two months of pounding the pavement, she obtained a receptionist position at a private equity firm. Working in the heart of London’s West End, she became entranced by the buzz of city life. Hitting the upscale clubs and bars evolved into a regular ritual. Soon her nights were overflowing with Champagne and dancing. Celebrities were everywhere. She literally had stars in her eyes.

Losing Her Grip

Ms. Ward’s job required a polished and professional demeanor. One aspect of her work involved greeting VIPs. When arriving at work sloshed and disheveled became routine, her employer issued several warnings. Ms. Ward paid them no heed. Finally, after two years of employment, she was asked to leave.

Taking Stock

The blow sent her reeling. Then she shook off the feelings of shame and regret. Taking stock of her situation, she pondered what would be inspiring. Suddenly, she had a light-bulb moment. Advertising! That had always been her dream. She decided to contact an advertising firm.

Summoning Her Strengths

An interview was scheduled with Top Gear, a BBC Television motoring show. Ms. Ward had only one day to prepare. Google was not yet on the map, so she went to the Blockbuster video store. She rented every tape they had on Top Gear. Then she studied each one until she was fluent in car lingo.

Ms. Ward had never once operated a car. Yet she told her prospective employer she was an avid car enthusiast. It was a risky strategy, but she was driven by a compelling desire to work for the company. She had a nagging fear the interviewer would laugh in her face. Still, she had nothing to lose by giving her best.


Ms. Ward’s preparation paid off. After a series of interviews, the job was hers. She was hired to assist in managing a car account though she knew nothing of cars. Over the next seven years, she dedicated herself to providing excellent service. Her reward came just prior to turning 30. She was offered a position on the Board of an advertising agency.

Breaking New Ground

She stayed with the company while an idea for her own business took shape. When she had a concrete game plan, she decided it was time to leave. She wasn’t well-supported in making her move. Many people viewed it unwise.

Unfazed, she applied for a start-up loan and founded FabTrade. The company is at the forefront of social media, bringing fashion, beauty, and entertainment brands into the hands of consumers. FabTrade connects brands with buyers by giving clients internet exposure. The company is now valued at $15 million and is looking to expand its operation to the US.

Your Story

We’d love to know your story. Have you reached for the brass ring on the carousel of life? Have you realized your dream? Write us and share your golden tale. If you’re yet striving to achieve your goal, take heart from Ms. Ward’s life. Be inspired by her words, “If you’re prepared to give your all, you can accomplish anything!”