How One Company Wants To Promote Diversity & Sensitivity In Healing Products

How One Company Wants To Promote Diversity & Sensitivity In Healing Products

What color is a bandage? Most people will answer that question with hues like beige, taupe, tan, or perhaps just a quizzical look. A more tongue-in-cheek respondent might also say that bandages are cartoon colored. However, anyone who replies that bandages are skin colored would only be correct for a certain proportion of the population, those with lighter skin tones. That is, until now.

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Tru-Colour Bandages, founded by Toby Meisenheimer, offers bandages in a wide variety of realistic skin tones to promote diversity and sensitivity in healing products. Meisenheimer is the father of five children – two biological, three adopted, plus one foster child – with different ethnic backgrounds.

After placing a beige bandage on his African-American son, Meisenheimer realized that it just didn’t look right on his darker skin, drawing an a lot of attention to the injury instead of blending and concealing as it was meant to do. Using clear bandages with white gauze looked even worse.


After a fruitless search for ethnically sensitive bandaging products, the Chicago-area entrepreneur founded Tru-Colour Bandages in 2013 to meet this need for his own family and for other individuals facing the same dilemma in bandaging options.

Tru-Colour Bandages currently offers products in three varied hues to match darker skin tones than those of other bandages in the market. These bandages attract much less attention than traditional options, blending with the richer, darker skin tones that many African-Americans and Latinos possess.

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For those who are especially sensitive to concealing injuries as well as covering them to prevent infection, having an alternative to light colored bandages is especially welcome and empowering. Plus they are an excellent way to teach children about the difference and similarities among people.

The company website ( features a gallery of people of a variety of ages and skin tones wearing their bandages. The gallery is quite an eye-opener for those who have never pondered what a difference diversity in healing products can make to the individual person and their appearance.
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The bandages are fabric-styles that, according to the manufacturer, are sterile and long-lasting. As a cautionary note, the bandages do contain natural rubber latex, to which some individuals may be allergic.

So far the product, which is sold on Amazon, has received a warm reception from parents and others for whom diversity in healing is very welcome, if also long overdue.

At least for the moment, Tru-Colour Bandages is the only company marketing bandages that are sensitive to the ethnic diversity of its users.