How This Plus Size Model Found The Confidence To Bare It All

How This Plus Size Model Found The Confidence To Bare It All

Emily Nolan is a 29-year-old model living in New York City. Like most models, Nolan is very aware of her body at all times. Unfortunately, she was not always happy with this awareness. For example, Emily admits to wearing 16 different sizes of clothing during her modeling career. Even when she was skinny, she was never satisfied with her weight. She suffered from body dysmorphia and eating disorders for years. However, Nolan wished to send a message to other women that such dissatisfaction with a scale number is unhealthy. To help teach this lesson, Nolan posed for the photographer Victoria Janashvili’s body-positive coffee table book “Curves”.

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Victoria Janashvili wasn’t any ordinary photographer. She was compiling photos for a positive purpose. The book aims to celebrate all types of beauty found in women. On her Kickstarter page for funding the project, Janashvili wrote, “Even though the average American woman is a size 12, media still usually sets the standards of beauty at a smaller woman, making women beautiful, healthy women with curves, and boobs, and hips, and, yes, booties feel an unjust pressure. So we are here now to celebrate the beauty of a healthy booty.”

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After her photo shoot with Janashvili, Nolan felt nervous about the world seeing the photos. However, Nolan resolved it was a the right thing to do. She understood that women all over the world struggle with body image issues. Women are constantly told by others that they are not beautiful simply because they do not fit into a certain body type. Emily sharing her images lets the world know that beauty comes in all sizes.

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Nolan’s courage can only help this cause. As women like Nolan come forward, there are more and more positive body photos of all sizes of women. This will help more and more people see that beauty isn’t solely found in a tiny waistline. We need more models like Nolan, and we need more photographers like Janashvili to celebrate all sizes of beauty.

How Emily Nolan Fought Body Dysmorphia And Found The Confidence To Pose Nude

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