If You Want To Choose The Right Partner, Trust Your Instincts

IfYouWantToChooseTheRight PartnerTrustYourInstincts

We all have instincts, that alarm that goes off when we first meet a person, or later on in the relationships when they say or do something that make us pause. The question is why do we continuously ignore them?


I believe human beings need to be wanted, to feel secure, to be in love, or more specifically, to fall in love, is so great that we ignore the obvious signs that our partners are all wrong for us. We’ve all been involved with someone who we sensed was untrustworthy, inconsistent, incompatible and potentially dangerous. But we pressed on hoping that our instincts were wrong. But nine times out of ten the outcome is always the same, disastrous!

Until we learn to love ourselves and master the art of being alone we will continue to ignore our God given instincts and make even more mistakes.

But as you mature you will do an about face the second you see, hear, feel, taste, or smell something that isn’t right. Not just because you’re older and wiser but also because you don’t have time for the nonsense. ~ Michael Baisden

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