Kyle Richards Revealed Secrets About Her Virginity Loss With One Of The Famous Actors

Kyle Richards Revealed Secrets About Her Virginity Loss With One Of The Famous Actors

In America, most girls lose their virginity at age 17.4 years, according to a study conducted by The Kinsey Institute. Males lose their virginity at 16.9 years of age.

In a recent appearance on Andy Cohen’s SiriusXM show, Andy Cohen LiveReal Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kyle Richards revealed secrets about her virginity loss.


Virginity Story

According to her statements on Cohen’s show, her first boyfriend was C. Thomas Howell of acclaimed 1983 movie The Outsiders.

Kyle said Howell was, “my first kiss, my first boyfriend.” She then dropped the virginity loss bomb, to which Andy Cohen responded with interest.

“You lost it to C.Thomas Howell?” Cohen gasped. “That’s amazing.” Listeners could hear Cohen’s fascination and perhaps the buildup of a little bit of personal fantasy.

Although 46 year-old Richards will not specify how old she was when she lost her virginity, she is suspected to have been about 17 years old, putting her in line with American averages.

If that is correct, it places Howell at about 19 years of age, about two or more years beyond the average age of male virginity loss, according to the Kinsey research. But of course, there is no confirming that Howell was a virgin at the time he shared Richards’ first experience.

Sadly, according to California State University studies, impulsivity in $exuality and other areas of life is a genetic trait. According to many, Kyle’s mother was both impulsive and highly $exually active on the Hollywood scene.

Mother Kathy Dugan, also mom to actress Kim Richards and Kathy Hilton, was known to hang around often at Polo Lounge and other Beverly Hills bars, waiting for unknown men to pay her tab and spend an evening with her. This is a sad testament revealed in multiple news articles, as well as through Kim Richards’ recent stint at a rehabilitative treatment center for alcoholism.

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Kyle’s sister Kim has spoken openly about her mother’s $exual behaviors and how they influenced the daughters. Kim’s recent arrest at the Polo Lounge ironically occurred where she had returned to feel closer to her mother, who has been deceased since 2002.

At the time of her arrest, the elder Richards sister had gone there wanting to sit in the booth her mother used to frequent. There, she started drinking and became intoxicated. Eventually drunk, Kim was asked to leave the premises but refused. This led to an arrest for being drunk and disorderly. Sadly, Kim’s demise was symptomatic of her early childhood and mother’s poor choices.

Kyle, on the other hand, has seemingly held herself together quite well despite genetic predisposition to impulsivity and alcoholism. She has frequently served as a rock for her older sister Kim, who has been victimized through her own poor choices.

Kyle has lightly discussed Kim’s recent recovery and time spent in rehab, as well as her own virginity loss to Howell, as this video reveals: