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I ask my daughter for a Fathers Day gift and this is what she gave me. Hopefully, this will inspire other men to stay in their child’s live and women to allow men access to their children.


Today I celebrate my father from 10,000 miles away. And as life would have it, this is the closest I’ve every felt to him in my life. I will be the first to tell anyone that the relationship with my father was not all kisses and sunshine. As a young parent, his mentality was not set to deal with the erratic and irrational behavior of a small child. I often cried in his company and yearned to be back in the familiarity of my mother’s home. During this time I didn’t appreciate my father…or perhaps I just didn’t understand him.

Happy Father's Day 9

Now, at 24, we have one of the best father-daughter relationships I’ve ever witnessed. (No seriously, I’ve looked around!) I share his wisdom with my friends, and he is present in my conversations with men. And each time his name is brought up I hear people say, “Wow, you are so lucky you can talk to your Dad about this stuff.” And I AM lucky and incredibly grateful.

As a young women we need the consult of our fathers, they are like pages and pages of the best book full of knowledge, guidance and inspiration. When I talk to my Dad, I listen. I literally take notes! Because what he is sharing is life experience, lessons and insights that I have no access to. His wisdom has made me more mentally and emotionally mature than the average 24 year old, and I believe, a powerhouse of a woman.

Happy Father's Day 4

In the last few years, the conversations my Dad and I share have been some of the best in my life. I wish I could share them with each and every one of you. 

What I can share now though are the words of my mother: 
“Your father has always been a man of his word.”

Thank you Dad for providing me with an example of a man who honors integrity, fortitude and honesty. I am one lucky girl to be your Princess.

With love,