An Amazing 58-year-old Woman Got Missy Elliot’s Attention When She Made Her Own Rendition of “Work It”

A 58-year old woman shook the internet world through how she made it to the top. Nobody would have thought that this woman would shine bright like the hot summer. Everything changed in her life just after what happened in an ordinary afternoon.

Mary Halsey gave an amazing performance that went viral and garnered millions of views across the globe. This happened on a hot summer afternoon at a party held in Goddard Memorial State Park.


Wearing her working scrubs, the elderly woman decided to perform Missy Eliot’s “Work It.” The song had won Grammy Award in 2002. When singing the famous song, the woman was holding the microphone in one hand and a shofar (ancient horn) in the other.

Although people at the park thought it was to be an ordinary song, they become hooked over when she started the performance. She was very natural when performing the song and her rapping was just fantastic. The audience was applauding so loudly while others were dancing and pumping to the beat. Fortunately, someone recorded the talented woman and the video went viral to even get noticed by Missy Eliot.

Missy Eliot Tweeted “I just found out that I have a FUNKY WHITE SISTER. She straight killed “Work It” sound effects & all. I love it.”
This event earned her an invitation to regularly perform at a local town’s restaurant and everyone came to love her.
Mary jokingly said that people will wait for her and they were like she is going to sing her song. She admits it is not her song and jokingly apologizes to Missy.

People have now nicknamed her “Missy Mary” because of their first names. She also owns a Facebook page where she performs live for her fans.
She is an extraordinary woman who is not afraid to show the world her talents. If you think you are talented like Mary Halsey, work it and let the world know.

Such opportunities are rare and come to those who are courageous and ready to express themselves through their talents. It doesn’t matter your race, size, or color. Preserving your dream while working on it with dignity can take you very far. Although we face many trials along the way, we should never up and always pursue your dreams.