NBA Legend Michael Jordan Reveals His Favorite Pair Of Sneakers

NBA Legend Michael Jordan Reveals His Favorite Pair Of Sneakers

Michael Jordan, a long time professional Basketball (and briefly Baseball) player is undoubtedly a leading connoisseur in high-quality sneakers. However, given that Michael Jordan has his own line of shoes (Air Jordan), it’s unlikely to find him promoting anything else. Nevertheless, there have been many iterations of the popular Air Jordan, so asking the question, “What are Michael Jordan’s top four favorite Jordans?” is perhaps more appropriate. Though not very much evidence on this subject has come to light in recent time, an interview of Michael Jordan to promote the release of the popular video game NBA 2K14 answered just that. After dishing out interesting information on a slew of other topics, Jordan finally shed some light for us. Below is a brief list of his choices, and some possible reasons they may be ranked as they are.



1. Jordan 11s
Jordan’s favorite shoes, and perhaps the classiest of the line, are the Jordan 11s. After returning from his unexpected retirement, these were the pair of shoes he wore for his first full season back.

jordan 11s__

2. Jordan 3s
The Jordan 3s are likely his favorite shoes to play in, but apparently his second favorite overall. He wore them in many notable events including the 1988 Dunk Championship.

air-jordan 3s__

3. Jordan 12s
Following the Jordan 3s on the list are the Jordan 12s. The sneaker, constructed to be lightweight and provide quick lateral agility, was a basketball players dream shoe. In addition to its high-quality construction, the shoe’s two tone design is generally appealing to the eye.


4. Jordan 13s
Closing out the list is the famous Jordan 13s. Praised for providing incredible cushioning, the Jordan 13s were very popular amongst players everywhere, from professional to amateur; especially as they were his shoes of choice at the time of his second retirement from the Chicago Bulls.


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