Check Lines On Your Palm And See What Neptune Mount Tells About Your Health

Check Lines On Your Palm And See What Neptune Mount Tells About Your Health 

Neptune is the ninth planet on the solar system. However, as much far it is from Earth, the ancient psalmists worked so hard to reveal the little information is known about Neptune and relationship it has to the lives of human beings. The mount of Neptune is located just above the mount of moon and slightly below the headline of your palm. However insignificant this part may look, it has some indications in your life that you need to be aware of.



Notably, the appearance of this region of your palm portrays the health status of your reproductive and urinary systems. The appearance of the mount Neptune is an important indicator of your health status. A healthy, red-colored, supple mount of Neptune indicates healthy reproductive, cardiovascular, and urinary systems. A sunken, brittle Neptune mount that has blue veins, on the other hand, suggests that your urinary and reproductive systems have the hormone imbalance. Such a Neptune mount is likely to be seen in persons with terminal illnesses.

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The lines appearing on the mount of Neptune also carry significant information related to your health. To start with, a single slanted line cutting the mount of Neptune slightly below the life line is an indication of a reproductive system that has reduced functional ability or infertility. Similarly, numerous, disorganized, fine, wavy, or broken lines spreading from the wrist towards the mount of Neptune are an indication of diseases of the reproductive system.

urinary systems


Besides straight lines, your mount of Neptune may have grain-shaped lines. The presence of a grain-shaped line that touches your life line at the mount of Neptune indicates the possibility of developing a tumor in the reproductive system. A larger grain-shaped line that touches the fate line at the mount of Neptune is an indication of likely flatulence of the digestive tract.

Apart from lines, other important features present in your mount of Neptune include triangles. Triangles that connect with the life line at the Neptune mount are indicators of possible coronary heart disease. A single distinct triangle on the mount Neptune represents a prevailing cardiac disorder. It could also indicate that you have previously suffered from a stroke. Finally, the existence of a single, large triangle on the mount of Neptune shows that your heart has undergone periods of insufficient blood supply.




There are also other ways in which the appearance of your Neptune mount affects your health. To start with, the side to which the mount of Neptune leads influences the permanent character of an individual. For instance, if your mount leans towards the mount of the moon, you are likely to have a low mental ability or be of low caliber. On the other hand, if a line cuts the mount of Neptune starting from the headline, you are likely to become insane at some point in life. For instance, if the mount of Neptune is over-developed, your life is likely to be full of grief. Moreover, given that the mount of Neptune is located just below the palm, there is a possibility that it may connect with the life line. In such a case, there is a high likelihood that you would be an emotional person.



In conclusion, though these mount of Neptune lines have been used by palmists to predict peoples’ lives, it is not necessarily obvious that they will in all cases dictate the direction of your life. Additionally, the current information on the significance of these lines has not been scientifically proven but has been largely retrieved from ancient Greek beliefs.