To Keep Your Relationship -NEVER Lie About THESE 4 Things

To Keep Your Relationship -NEVER Lie About THESE 4 Things

I wonder how this world would be without love, !ntimacy and affection. Everyone need to love and be loved back. Relationships are meant to last for people who love each other. That mutual connection between !ntimate partners in a relationship should be of a lifetime. The attraction that a partner had since the inception of a relationship should grow day by day. Every relationship is unique and the longer the relationship, the most complex factors involved.



Telling the truth is a vital role in a healthy relationship. However, partners sometimes find themselves telling lies. There are two types of lies i.e. white lie and a lie. A white lie is a lie told to a person to offset a reaction. It is a harmless lie and can be told may be to make someone happy. On the other hand, a lie is a painful deceit from the reality aimed at concealing something wrong.

In a relationship some wrong values happens, a relationship collapses in one way or another. Commitment to one another is enhanced by honesty and leading a loving life. Transparency in matters relationship is crucial for a long lasting relationship. Therefore, a partner should never lie about the following things;

Spending; money is sweet but also sour. Financial independence is crucial for a lasting relationship. Partners cannot dine on love; money can be dined on. People in a relationship should disclose them earning and expenditures. There is no need to hide a pay slip from your spouse, in fact, it ruins the relationship. For a healthy relationship, money should be pooled together, budgeted for, enjoyed together. It should not be the cause to break a relationship.

Making love; making love is a booster for intimacy and love. In humans, making love is not only made for procreation but for pleasure too. It reflects connection and intimacy to partners. It is meant to reflect two in oneness such that a partners’ hopes, expectations, and dreams coalesce with the other partner. The language of lovemaking involves thoughts that unite but not physical union. However when partners lie to each other about love making the relationship dies. The pretense of making love is not authentic and when a partner realizes it dies an instant death.

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Cheating; this is an act of being untrue among partners. Lies are the detriment to relationships. It is very common in relationships nowadays. Divorces are not necessarily due to cheating but to a greater extent, they are connected. Cheating is of different forms; infidelity, telling lies, etc. There are many factors that contribute to cheating including;

  • Emotional disconnect; this is a situation where a partner feels unappreciated, lonely and sad. These emotional feelings can lead to anger or else resentment. Consequently, the emotionally unstable partner seeks this from another person. It starts with a friendship but with time it blossoms to an intimate relationship. Emotional connection is very vital in relationships.
  • Physical disconnect; a partner may feel dissatisfied by the other partner. They cheat citing inability of the partner to give them pleasure or failure to reaching climax.
  • Belief in polygamy or polyandry; some people believe in having many intimate partners.

Bad moods; are as a result of being hurt by a partner’s opinion or perceived wrongdoing. It is necessary to a partner in the bad mood to communicate what has made him/her to be hurt. Bad moods can lead to a disconnect in a relationship. When a partner lies to the other about bad feelings, emotional contact will be lost.


  • Relationships are built on trust.
  • Relationships are built on good communication and understanding
  • Relationships are built on living a loving life with one another.

In conclusion, relationships add happiness to someone’s life. They develop a sense of belonging. It feels right to love and be loved back. Therefore, lies should be avoided at all cost for lasting relationships among partners.