New Video from Texas Shows Police Officer Pulling Gun on Teenagers at Pool Party

On Saturday June 6th 2015, a new video posted on the internet went viral on YouTube, showing police rolling on the ground, cursing, screaming, and running around the block chasing teenage boys and girls for attending a pool party in Texas. As it has been shown in the video and pictures below, it’s bit more than extreme. They are teenagers, but one of the officers seemed out of line, using the stick he had in his hand to order the teens around while cursing at them, forcing them to lie on the ground then handcuffing them, even those who claimed they just arrived. More than likely the guilty party would not stay around to be arrested, but would have left already.

New Video from Texas Shows Police Officer Pulling Gun on Teenagers at Pool Party


After the officer couldn’t find anyone else to handcuff, he turned and harshly yelled at a group of people watching, to stop talking and leave, suddenly he grabbed one of the girls and dragged her to the ground, she was trying to get up but he pushed her back down, people watching became angry and started toward him. He was pushing the girl’s head down while pushing another girl back who was trying to help, then suddenly he pulled out his gun, pointing it at the teens, two other officers arrived, one chased others down, again the girl was forced to lie on the ground by having her head forced down, then was handcuffed.



This policeman’s action was abusive and over the top. He wasn’t trying to help and make sure everything was safe, he was threatening, cursing, and handcuffing teenagers just for being there.

A police statement was posted on Facebook as follows: “McKinney Police have received a call claiming a group of teenagers who don’t live in that community are in Craig Ranch North Community Pool.”

The video has caused concern and outrage, the McKinney Police Department is investigating the issue and the police officer has been suspended at this time.

One thing that was obvious was that only black teenagers were victims of the incident, white teenagers and others were standing and watching as well without being arrested. On Sunday (06/07/2015) the report says the teenagers were released to their guardians. The McKinney Police department is supposed to treat all people equally and fair according to the law, still the police have gotten out of control with power. Where there is tension and a crowd is growing angry, the police should be able to cope with the situation, this is what they are trained for and put in a  position of trust.


13 thoughts on “New Video from Texas Shows Police Officer Pulling Gun on Teenagers at Pool Party

  1. Until police departments remove the “bad apples” like this their entire barrels are suspect of being rotten. They will not get respect and trust until they begin to “police” their own rank and file!

  2. I could speak on the amount of fear many whites have about their changing world; or their guilt/fragility on matters of race; or the amount of depraved sickness evident in this incident, and by extension in America. But I won’t. I just want to know what is being done about this sickness…when will we get up off our butts and stop the madness? Or, like the good people of Nazi Germany, will we underestimate the problem and wait until it is too late to try and do something about it?

  3. “Serve and Protect? ” The Texas policeman is a mockery to the badge. He utilized his skin color to be hero in this white hood. Perhaps, his mindset of teaching the black children “their place.” Caught up in his macho mania he didn’t realize the camera rolling. P. T. S. D., for who knows how long this child will suffer after the physical bruises are long gone,, is yet to be told. There is one form b of Justice ( other than death ) they do get. Their empty pockets. Unfortunately, there’s not enough money to heal her brokenness. Prison after that to give him some retrospective.

  4. Saddd..god will take care of the we much teach our beautiful blacknchildren how to act agaist the white boy..imcould never say man..a man suooose to be wise??leader..i see none here and all the police who are hurting andkilling our beautiful back people

  5. The only reason people keep seeing only “black” kids are being punished is because of their own bias. The only reason these kids in particular were being punished is because they were not taught any better to leave when shit goes bad or when you are told to go home by a policeman. You don’t stick around running your mouth, thinking nothing is going to happen to you. You take your ass home. If that was my daughter I would beat her ass for even staying when I know I would raised her better to leave when asked the first time by police, not multiple times. Ignorance keeps raising ignorance and firing up wars that are just so unnecessary. All this because that little girls momma couldn’t raise her right.

    1. What do YOU think is an appropriate punishment? When I was a kid if we were at a party we should not be at it was community service, no one pulled a gun on us, I can’t help but wonder if it was white kids if the guns would have come out. I taught my kids to behave and respect, does that mean they didn’t get in trouble? Certainly not, they did. They lived to outgrow that type of behavior.

  6. It is very unfortunate that black good children has been turned to pushing bag in the hand of police officers .. I can not in my life time forget how they brutalized my son for doing nothing.. three policeman beat him up destroyed his skin and locked him up .. up till now am still nursing that pains in my mind each I remember that look of my son .. I forgive them…

  7. It’s a shame that this kind of brutality is among our youngsters by the same people we call to serve and protect us, this is most definitely Crime n American

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