15 Dark Secrets About Adele You Didn’t Know Before

15 Dark Secrets About Adele You Didn’t Know Before

Adele is a Grammy winning, platinum selling, singer-songwriter. If you have not heard her at least once, you are probably living under a rock. Even with all that exposure, there is a lot that you probably don’t know about her. Yes, even Adele has deep dark secrets.



1. Adele is her real name. A lot of celebrities and musical artists do not go by their real names in the business. But Adele is as real as it gets. She was born in North London, England on May 5, 1988.

2. Adele’s father left her mother when Adele was just two years old. Her mother, Penny was left to raise her alone at the tender age of 20. A lot of kids grow up in a single mother home but, you don’t always hear about those kids making it as big as she has.

3. Growing up, Adele has said that she preferred to sing (which she started doing at four years old) over reading. In fact, she says the last book that she remembers reading is Roald Dahl’s Matilda when she was six years old. Can you say, “prodigy”?

4. You wouldn’t know it from the way she beautifully sings words but, Adele has a Cockney accent. That’s the accent associated with England’s east of London, working class people. What some people would consider “Country Folk” of England?

5. Adele graduated from the BRIT School for Performing Arts and Technology in 2006. Jessie J and Leona Lewis also attended that school and were her classmates. Just like a real life episode of “Fame”.

6. The Spice Girls influenced Adele. She has been quoted as saying that they made her who she is today. She’s also said that she was heartbroken when Ginger Spice left the group.

7. Adele wrote and composed her first record at sixteen years old. What were you doing at that age? I’m sure nothing that great!

8. Adele has been criticized for her weight. But you may be surprised that her weight doesn’t really seem to matter that much to her. She admits that she’d rather go to lunch with friends than to go to the gym, and says she would only lose weight if her sex life or health depended on it.

9. Adele has said that smoking was her favorite thing to do and, that if she wasn’t a singer, she would still be doing it. Considering that cigarettes cause all kinds of cancer.


10. Flying is not fun for Adele and she gets homesick easily. This makes me thankful for everything she’s ever done in America.

11. Adele cancelled a tour once for a boyfriend. This was before she blew up stateside and admits this was a crisis period of her life.

12. Drinking is also something that she has given up. The crisis period aforementioned and moving out of her mother’s were both influential towards that decision.

13. Adele has had surgery on her throat. Microsurgery actually, which can be pretty scary for a singer. Lucky for us, no harm, no foul!

14. Adele has sued the paparazzi. She took a settlement from one agency for publishing pictures of her son.

15. Charity is important to Adele. She is a prominent philanthropist and has helped many musicians and children in many ways since 2007.

So you see, even Adele has deep dark secrets. But, the important thing is that her talent has brought her to where she is today and she has overcome everything. Not only can we listen to Adele, but we can be inspired by her as well.

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