Which Dog Breed Is A Good Match For You Based On Your Zodiac Sign!

Which Dog Breed Is A Good Match For You Based On Your Zodiac Sign!

Your Zodiac sign is all you need to determine which breed of dog is best for you. Based on your unique personality and qualities, choose your new best friend!

Your active, adventurous spirit is the perfect match for an energetic Jack Russell Terrier or Miniature Schnauzer. Adventure in the woods together, or take up a team performance sport!


Your need for companionship will be met by the hard-working, dependable Saint Bernard or Scottish Terrier who will be ready to join your circle of close-knit friends.

Your communication skills, energy and good humor will be well-matched by an entertaining, inquisitive, playful Golden Retriever or Labrador Retriever. Let the fun begin!

Your compassionate, nurturing characteristics will be at their finest with a Pomeranian or Chihuahua. Loyal, cuddly and ready for pampering, your best friend will fit in your purse.

Your family loyalties lead you to the courageous Rottweiler or German Shepherd. These leaders are ready to work for you, and show you their bravery and devotion.

Your need to make a difference in the world makes the Bloodhound or Beagle your perfect companion. Inquisitive, easygoing and friendly, these peaceful hounds will delight you.

Your goals of harmony, peace and balance require a stylish, playful dog who will not cause you stress or concern. The Whippet or English Setter are full of grace and ready to befriend you.

Your complex, intense world requires a strong, calm and well-mannered dog to provide the stability in your chaos. The mysterious Great Pyrenees or exotic Portuguese Water Dog will suit you well.

Your fun-loving enthusiasm will be the perfect match for a free-spirited Greyhound or easily trained Border Collie. Both breeds run like the wind, and will explore the world with you.

Your steady, thrifty nature requires a mature and loyal – yet playful – dog. Choose the playful Boxer or Dalmatian for the right mix of serious fun and stability.

Your unusual tastes may take you down unique paths. The complicated, expressive Alaskan Malamute or Rhodesian Ridgeback will provide the interest and companionship you desire.

Your tender heart will lead you to the sensitive, child-like Pug or Papillon. These lively, playful pooches will enrich your world with their antics and joy!

Are you ready for your new best friend?

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