Selena Gomez Clears Rumors Of Being In Rehab And Reveals Why She Underwent Chemotherapy

Selena Gomez Clears Rumors Of Being In Rehab And Reveals Why She Underwent Chemotherapy

Selena Gomez is known for her role on the Disney Channel show “Wizards of Waverly Place”, her music, and most notably at the moment, a break she took from the music industry to check into a rehabilitation center. Rumors abounded. Some speculated that she was getting help for an alcohol or pill addiction. Others thought it was to do with the recent breakup with Justin Bieber. Her break had just become the talk of the tabloids – and she wasn’t going to say anything to them about why she had done it just yet.

Selena Gomez Clears Rumors Of Being In Rehab And Reveals Why She Underwent Chemotherapy 1


This past week, she finally came out with what really happened when she checked into the Meadows rehabilitation center. She was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease called lupus.

What happens with the immune system can vary from person to person. The most basic cause of lupus is when the immune system creates antibodies for healthy cells – mainly tissue cells. People with the disease can experience a variety of symptoms due to this, which include: anemia, rashes, mouth ulcers, fatigue, weight loss, fever, mouth ulcers, painful joints, hearing loss and abnormal bloating.

Gomez came out in a recent news story and said that she had decided to “lock herself away until she was confident and comfortable again”. A part of this reasoning was her concern about having a stroke. This stems from the fact that lupus can cause an increased risk for strokes, heart attacks, and blood clotting in the person’s legs.

However, Selena Gomez is not alone. There are 1.5 million Americans that have lupus. The majority of these are women between 15 and 44 in age.

Of these women, and in Gomez’s case, those with more severe cases of the disease receive chemotherapy. Before thinking of the sessions that cancer patients get, the term has been generalized. Chemo for cancer patients is much more concentrated and trying. When a lupus patient receives chemotherapy, they have less for each dosage than a cancer patient would be. They also lose some hair, but unlike their cancer counterparts, they do not go bald.

Gomez further noted that she was upset that she had become simply another tabloid story. She’s so much more, she argued, and simply because she canceled a tour for her health doesn’t mean she’s on drugs or alcohol – even though she did check into a rehab center. She even fell victim to the body-shaming so prevalent on the internet after posting a picture of herself in a bikini and people thought she was too fat.


The hatred, however, has inspired her new album – Revival. After what she’s been through, it’s a fitting title.