Rudeness on the rise in social media


It seems the more time you spend on social media, the more rudeness you see everywhere. When did this become okay in our society? Remember the saying, “If you can’t say something nice say nothing at all?” There was a time, not long ago, that while certainly nasty things were said, they were said behind closed doors, behind hands and whispered, because we knew what we were doing was wrong.


Our country is suffering from a lack of respect so deep, it is hard to see where it will end, but it will not end well. Children have no respect for parents or teachers, people have no respect for government or law enforcement, and sometimes it seems that government and law enforcement have no respect for people.

People built this country, people like you and me. We are still building this country. We have worked hard, built free schools, built colleges, established healthcare, established a democratic government, for what? To bring it all down in a huff because we are all so mad?

Rudeness on the rise in social media

At any time during the day or night you can turn on your computer, check a social media site, and see strangers and friends saying things to each other that would make the rest of the world blush! What are we all so mad about? Do we talk to people in person the way we do on social media? Here’s a few examples:

A beautiful woman in a new dress, 5’5″ and 150 or so pounds, she is not fat, she is not skinny, she is not famous, but well-known, a few comments: “She has gotten so fat!” “Dye your hair much?” “Did you even look in a mirror?” “Have some more cake fata%$.”

Someone posts a photo of their recently remodeled living room: “Is that the color you were trying for?” “Oh my goodness this is a joke right? It’s awful!” “I’m sorry but that would never work for me.”

A recipe with fish and vegetables: “EWWWWW!!!!!” “That is disgusting!” “If my wife made that I would leave her!”


Heaven forbid someone make a spelling or typing error, the wrath of the internet shall fall down upon you.

We will not even go into the horrible and vicious comments about politicians and celebrities, but oh wow, people are just so mean. Granted people in the public eye open themselves up to scrutiny, but who do you think you are? Would you make those comments to their faces? Would you make those comments if your grandmother was standing there beside you?

One of the biggest lies you will see online is, “I’m sorry but…,” followed closely by, “I’m not trying to be mean but…” no you are not sorry and yes you are trying to be mean, you’re trying to get away with being mean, that is completely different.

Americans are becoming a laughing stock because of how we treat others, we should all be ashamed of ourselves. Being kind costs nothing, and so many people are just afraid to do it, or they forgot how. Social media bullying, or cyber bullying, is at an unprecedented high. The laws cannot keep up with technology so it is up to us to police ourselves.

I think often people forget there is a person at the other end of the post, you can sometimes ask them, what do you not like about this? Most often they will ignore it, but other times you will get a response, like I don’t like blue, or whatever, so why did that person feel a need to comment? That’s the mystery. Why are we all so miserable that we have to try so hard to hurt other people’s ideas or our out our anger on strangers? Or worse yet, on friends? The scariest of all are the ones that think it’s funny, known on the internet as trolls, they will deliberately say mean things to make people mad, often they are paid to generate interest in a post. What a sick, narcissistic thing to do.

So, how do we stop it? By refusing to take part in it. Just say no, walk away, switch tabs, stop following people who spout off hate all the time. Ignore rude comments rather than fight back, perhaps the hardest of all. Watch what you say yourself, keep an eye on what your kids are doing or saying on the internet. Every time you post something think to yourself, “Would I like my boss/spouse/grandparent/favorite aunt to read this?” Read your posts out loud, you may be surprised by how horrible things sound out loud. Most important, if it’s not nice, do not say it, do not type it. It serves no purpose.