SONG OF THE DAY: Brownstone – If You Love Me



If You Love Me

The three original members of Brownstone were Monica Doby, Charmayne Maxena Maxwell (deceased) and Nichole Gilber. The three met in Los Angeles after attending auditions around the city. They formed the band and after just one year, signed to Michael Jackson’s MJJ Music label.

 SONG OF THE DAY Brownstone If You Love Me


In 1995 the group released their debut album From the Bottom Up. It featured two hit singles “Grapevyne” and “If You Love Me.” “If You Love Me” landed the group a Grammy nomination and five Billboard Music Award nominations.

SONG OF THE DAY Brownstone If You Love Me 2

Watch the video for this classic 90s R&B love song:


I don’t wanna rain on this parade
But I’m starting to question the love that was made
I’m not looking for just an affair
I want a love that is based on truth, not just dare

You will not hurt my pride
If right now you decide
That you are not ready to settle down
But if you want my heart
Then it’s time that you start
To act like you’re mine, in the light and the dark

If you love me, say it
If you trust me, do it
If you want me, show it
If you need me, prove it [x2]

You see now actions speak louder than words
So don’t just say things that I’ve already heard
Don’t want your body without your soul
I don’t want a love who will come here and go


[Chorus x2]

Oh I, Oh I, I wanna touch you baby
And spread my love all around you honey
And if you care, you gotta show it baby
True love to share