Song of the Day – You Got Me – Conya Doss

Song of the Day – You Got Me – Conya Doss Album – You Got Me

You Got Me - Conya Doss


The silky voice of Conya never disappoints, this smooth ballad will make you want to dance a little, with someone or even alone. Her musical influences are classical, blues, R & B, and rock. Often referred to as the queen of indie soul, you can hear beauty and wisdom in her voice. Her songs seem to light up that part of your memory, making you yearn for a simpler time, remembering happy times, and planning new memories. You could even play this song while doing housework, it will put a bounce in your step and make everything a breeze, like her breezy, lilting voice. You could lie in a hammock and read a book while listening and it’s still appropriate, although it may prove distracting.

A few words about “You Got Me” and her newest album “Seven” from Wikipedia:

On August 26, 2014, Doss set the tone for the album’s release with the well-received single “You Got Me”, a reflective love song to a significant other. The Singer/Songwriter says “Seven is my Life Path number and reminds listeners that there are 7 fundamental notes on the scale which creates musical movements.” Fueled by a desire to lay down tracks that parallel her evolving musical and personal trajectory, her seventh project is a collection of up-tempo and slow jams sure to please her anticipating fans. In January 2015, she released the next single “When We Love”. The next single, “Love’s Not”, tells a familiar story of one who has built a protective wall yet still believes that love has not forsaken them.