Taraji P. Henson Shows Off Her Natural Hair In Gorgeous Photoshoot

Taraji P. Henson Shows Off Her Natural Hair In Gorgeous Photoshoot

Fox’s hit show, Empire, is saturated with over-the-top fashion, music, and glamour, and no one on the show personifies this wild and fabulous style more than the character Cookie, played by Taraji Henson. Cookie is known for her fierce personality, glamorous wardrobe, and stunning hair. Of course, it takes a lot of work to look that amazing all the time, and the stylists at Empire employ wigs, weaves, and extensions to transform regular hair into Empire worthy looks. But in a recent photo, Taraji showed off her natural beauty with an intricately braided corn row hairstyle which proves that natural hair is fierce and beautiful too.

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Taraji didn’t originally plan on doing the CR Fashion Book showing her natural hair, but photographer Bruce Weber fell in love with the look and wanted to use the sleek braids to show off Taraji stunning face. For women, it can be hard to let the world see us without our hair and makeup done in just the way we like, but Taraji’s perseverance through her original apprehension paid off with some striking photos.

For many women, making the decision to go natural is not always straight forward. While many of us are keen to get away from the harsh chemicals in relaxers that can make our hair brittle and damaged, a dramatic change in style and hair care can be intimidating. If natural hair is something that you want to try, it’s a good idea to research the kind of natural hairstyle that you are attracted to. Once you decide where you eventually want to be, you’ll need to decide how to get there.

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Every woman’s transitioning style is going to be different. Some ladies want to grow their hair out a little and then do the big chop to get rid of any chemically treated or damaged hair. Other women are more comfortable with a gradual transition. Whatever you decide, it’s a good idea to visit your hair stylist to get advice on right products and trims.

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Since the growing out phase of your new hairdo will undoubtedly hit some awkward styling points, having a few good tricks up your sleeve for overcoming these moments is also important. Play with hair accessories, style it up, or braid it back. Don’t be afraid to try some incredible braids. As Taraji Henson proved, rocking a braided natural hairstyle is beautiful.


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