The 10 Grossest Nude Scenes In Movies

The 10 Grossest Nude Scenes In Movies

Nudity in film isn’t inherently a bad thing. However, sometimes it’s used in films in ways that are less than tasteful. There are dozens of examples of tasteless nudity in movies. There are dozens more examples of outrageously gross nudity, too. Whether these instances of nudity are below or above one’s tolerance threshold is up to the viewer. Some indisputably do.

1. Kathy Bates reveals her bare essentials in About Schmidt


An outstanding actress, Bates doesn’t fit the average guy’s idea of an attractive female. That doesn’t stop her from disrobing completely in front of Jack Nicholson in this 2002 drama. Viewers got the full gist of her profile, too.

2. Viggo Mortensen’s naked violence in Eastern Promises

This 2007 film is a dark, violent piece. Yet nothing prepared us for Mortenseon’s fully unclothed brawl. Blood and action were accompanied by his stark nakedness.

3. Naked zombie scares in The Shining

Actress Billie Gibson gave audiences a primal scare as a zombie in Kubrick’s epic 1980 horror film. She transforms from model-worthy nude to a flesh-flapping corpse in a single frame.

4. Sacha Baron Cohen and Ken Davitian’s battle-in-the-buff in Borat

Seeing two hairy men wrestle in the nude is never a good thing — not in 2006 and not ever.

5. Marlon Brando’s last nude hurrah in Last Tango in Paris

For whatever reason, Brando, and the director thought he still “had it” in 1972 and needed to show it off.

6. Burgess Meredith imitates a naked librarian in Such Good Friends

Immortalized as Rocky Balboa’s trainer Mickey, Meredith promoted books in a unique way in this 1971 film. Portraying Adam, the book was a stand-in for the fig leaf.

7. Kevin Bacon hangs out in Wild Things

Bacon has always been regarded as a handsome leading man and character actor. He should have followed the example of other actors who maintain a generally wholesome and varied career and keep things covered up. Against his better judgment, he gave us a direct reveal of his private parts in this 1998 movie.

8. Jessica Tandy swims in the buff in Camilla

In this 1994 film, an 85-year-old Tandy wears water — and nothing else — when she indulges a round of skinny-dipping. Complete freedom and exhibitionism are one thing, but this is on another level entirely. Keep a brillo pad handy — you’ll want to scrub your eyeballs afterward.

9. Dr. Manhattan’s $ex in triplicate in Watchmen

In Zack Snyder’s stylish 2009 superhero film, the Watchmen’s blue marvel Dr. Manhattan happens to step around completely in the buff. Among his super-abilities are the one to clone himself at will. This is exactly what he does in one scene with his girlfriend Laurie. His triptych-styled servicing won’t appeal to many.

10. Lin Shaye’s suntan in There’s Something About Mary

This 1998 comedy smoldered at the box office because it was daring and edgy. When Shaye firebombed audiences with her saggy sun-scorched chest, the bar had been raised yet again.

As illustrated in the examples above, nudity is truly benign or offensive in the eye of the beholder. It’s the beholder who must make that judgment call. As it becomes more commonplace, writers, producers, and directors will cook up new ways to shock.