The 10 Most Culturally Influential People Of 21st century

The 10 Most Culturally Influential People Of 21st century

People in positions of power will become the arbiters of the world, regardless of their capacity to make good or bad decisions. With negative influence, ruin can be brought to entire nations in regards to livelihood or economy. On the other side of the spectrum, a powerful influence that is conscientious and insightful can have profoundly positive impacts.

10. – Ben Bernanke


In 2008, the financial world was on the verge of collapse, and Ben Bernanke, then chairman of the federal reserve, became a figurehead of the ideologies that facilitated the downfall of the economic structure. Using financially regressive tactics, such as quantitative easing (creating money, therefore diminishing fiat money value), demolished the system by de-incentivizing investments in low-risk markets and can cause massive market fluctuations as corrections are made.


9. – Stephen Hawking

Without the work of Stephen hawking, the understanding of theoretical physics and cosmology would be profoundly different. Discoveries he has made has completely changed the known basic laws of the universe. He has made scientific progress for the benefit and intelligent enlightenment of humanity while confined by his ALS disability.

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8. – Tony Blair

Tony Blair has made committed reforms and actions that went against the interests of the public. His tactics were attempts to be progressive, without the insight and knowledge to understand the negative impacts his reforms would create in the long-term. He helped facilitate negative economic change and failed to improve the world for the people he sought to service.


7. -Warren Buffet

Warren Buffet is largely significant due to his success and aptitude in finances. His fame is largely due to his insightful knowledge and success in the market and has tried to leave a positive impact on the world through philanthropy. Making attempts to donate as much money as possible, this is a man who seeks to use his massive wealth to make sure that help is afforded to those who will always need it.

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6. – Bill Gates

Another businessman that’s known for his incredible wealth and success, his influence is due to the establishment of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Bill Gates is as conscientious and forthcoming as possible, making efforts in research and education to move humanity forward by investing in the health and education for modern and impoverished countries. 95% of their wealth will inevitably go towards charity.


5. – Angela Merkel

Making a strong impact as the Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel has methodically prevented Germany from joining other European countries such as Greece into economic despair. Her guidance to protect the European Union and coordinate domestic politics have helped Europe maintain stability.

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4. – Abdul Kalam

A scientist from India who overcame poverty to develop leading technologies in India. Abdul is an aerospace engineer that has modernized Indians defenses and satellites. For helping move the technical capacity of India forward, he has received numerous honors and rewards.

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3. – Mark Zuckerberg

Undeniably impactful, the sheer volume of Facebook users has single-handedly created a utility that allows for global connectivity and information. Facebook has changed the foundation of social networking forever, and while a glut of personal information now available to relevant parties may be compromising, this information has both positive and negative impacts.

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2. – Pele

His full name being Edson Arantes do Nascimento, this man has promoted himself for the benefit of the impoverished in his country. Football has an incredible impact in Brazil, and Pele has used his fame as a foundation for creating knowledge of poor social conditions for communities that need assistance.


1.- Nelson Mandela

As the first South African president, he has made incredible sacrifices for the livelihood of his people. Leading a revolution that dismantled the apartheid shackling South Africa at the cost of 27 years in prison, his policies have significantly improved conditions for people living in some of the worst communities in the world. For his commitment, he has earned the Nobel Peace Prize.

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Influence That Touches the World

Influence is a broad characteristic. Where others have brought ruin, some shape a positive foundation for civilizations worldwide. One of their destinies has likely impacted you, and their ripples will echo and possibly be inherited by new people.