The outrage, disapproval and disappointment of the pool party incident keep on growing

The outrage, disapproval and disappointment of the pool party incident keep on growing.


Since the incident the issue has grown bigger and bigger due to the fact that they all were black teenagers. The reckless and brutal action of the officer had raised the anger and attention toward the incident at the pool party, the fact that the officer pointed his gun toward the unarmed teenagers and dragged and shoved them on the grass [watch the video here]. Even though the girl was released to her guardians after a short time as the Chief Greg Conley of the McKinney Police Department said, the father (Jahi Adisa Bakari) of girl involved in Texas pool party incident outraged by Police officer’s conduct‬ and gave a speech about how brutal his action was toward black teenagers who were only attending the pool party. The father indicated that he is there on behalf of his 13 years old daughter, and she happened to be there because she saw someone who was in danger. He blames the officer for his aggressive action toward a girl who was leaving the place; he also claimed as the officer grabbed her and punched her to the side she was videotaping it along, and they do have the video with them too. He showed his disappointment toward the McKinney police department due to the lack of female officers and even any black officers, he wanted the” proper people “to come not grown man touching his daughter and grabbing her. He believed he should be drug tested and shouldn’t have his job anymore for such conduct and aggressive behavior he showed toward teenagers.
At the end he said he is proud of what his daughter did, and was sarcastic toward the officer saying “ I’ll give him credit for one thing “ that he pull out the gun on teenagers but he didn’t pull the trigger and put it together at the moment!


Chief Greg Conley of the McKinney Police Department also addressed the new statement and promised to answer few questions too, but as it has been shown in the video he answered all the questions basically by “I can’t answer that specifically right now”, “ I can’t speculate on that at this point “, “ I don’t know exactly”, “ I don’t have that exact data right now”, and there the questions finished and he promised further investigation.

As it reported the pool party took place in a community which residents have good and friendly relationships among themselves; Asian, black, white and Hispanic.

He also added, “they had 12 officers initially responding the calls, 3 initially then they received 9 more calls”. He also responded by “ anytime you confronted by the large group of people, it’s very dynamic situation and tension can rise very quickly ”
And that is very true but that’s why normal people aren’t police officers, this is what they have been trained for, and it’s their duty to control the situation and make the situation better not making it worse by behaving like how they did.

The person who was witnessed and shot the video Brandon Brooks, 15 years old told a TV station “Officer Casebolt did not confront me”
He continued by saying “I was one of the only white people in the area when that was happening, you can see in part of the video where he tells us to sit down, and he kind of like skips over me and tells all my African-American friends to go sit down.”

On the other hand some people at the community completely support his action, and one of the neighbor who refused to be on camera due to the death threats that some other supportive people have received, she believes he deserves a medal for his actions! She claimed that “he was out there protecting everyone and he was not out of line” she also insisted on “I completely support his action of pulling out his gun because he was being attacked”!!!

How can someone possibly support something like that?? Pulling out gun on unarmed teenagers, smashing down to the grass, and cursing them out.

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The outrage, disapproval and disappointment of the pool party incident keep on growing 1

The outrage, disapproval and disappointment of the pool party incident keep on growing 2

The outrage, disapproval and disappointment of the pool party incident keep on growing


5 thoughts on “The outrage, disapproval and disappointment of the pool party incident keep on growing

  1. I believe the kids were harassed, I truly believe the children should have complied with the police. Now I’m hearing a white women stared it, and hit a child. ….but a bystander had no business putting his hands on someone’s child. I think the officer should be fired, the woman should be charged, as well as the bystander. This madness has got to stop. But as a citizen you have to comply with authority’s

  2. We are a civil country and people are getting tried of seeing kids with young experiences that we all have had getting hurt or killed because of police that we have paid for to protect all citizens. No child should die behind a young mistake that they have made, it’s child abuse at it’s least and murder at it’s most.

  3. Matters wouldn’t have gotten that far IF the kids a) weren’t at the property illegally, the home owners association where the party was held has a 1 visitor for each resident policy b) didn’t run off the second police showed up, they should have just stayed there kept quiet and did as they were told c) the girl that got thrown down to the ground was told repeatedly to leave, but she felt the need the talk back and then when grabbed instead of complying tried to resist and finally d) NEVER charge at an officer, specially while reaching behind you, that could be viewed as reaching for some kind of weapon. Yes the officer was a little rough with the girl but had the four above things not happened it woulda been settled peacefully, I’m puttin most of the blame on the parents for raising disrespectful punks and the kids themselves. Listen to Chris Rock’s speech about how not to get your butt whooped by cops, you may learn somethin.

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