The Reason The Confessed Church Killer Murdered 9 Innocent People In Cold Blood

The Reason The Confessed Church Killer Murdered 9 Innocent People In Cold Blood

The Reason The Confessed Church Killer Murdered 9 Innocent People In Cold Blood 1



He wanted to start a race war. Period. He has said that the Trayvon Martin case ‘awakened’ him, and that he wanted to do something that would start a race war. Roof’s roommate, Joey Meek, told ABC news that Roof had been planning something like this for at least the last 6 months. He also said Roof is a firm believer in segregation.

Joey Meek is not the only friend of Roof’s who has talked to the media, and it gets stranger than fiction when you hear from his friend Christon Scriven, who is a drinking pal of both Roof and Meek who happens to be African American. Roof told Scriven he was going to shoot up a college campus, he and another friend, the aforementioned Joey Meek, thought the statement was drunk talk, but they took it seriously enough to take away the .45 caliber handgun Roof bought himself in April, and hide it in the vents of the air conditioning unit until they all sobered up. Scriven says that a week before the shootings Roof said he was going to hurt a bunch of people in 7 days.

His friend Meek reported that Roof often made statements about blacks taking over the world, and that someone needed to do something about it to protect the white race. To Scriven he talked about drinking, fishing, and NASCAR, never about race, although Roof has photos posted on hate-filled websites and in a now deleted photo had patches on a jacket for white supremacy.

There is much being made of the fact that he is a troubled man, which is apparent from his actions. He has had problems dealing with his parents divorce and struggles for acceptance. He was arrested 4 months ago on a minor drug charge after loitering in a mall and trying to find what time different stores closed. He may indeed be sad, but he is also carrying around a lot of hate, a gun and no conscience, which are a dangerous combination.

The Reason The Confessed Church Killer Murdered 9 Innocent People In Cold Blood

Both friends say that they would have tried to stop Roof if they had known he had definite plans, but they didn’t take it very seriously, but seriously enough to hide his gun overnight and give it back the next day. No one thought the quiet, troubled, confused young man was in reality a cold-blooded terrorist capable of a monstrous hate crime, but one week later the confessed killer entered a church in Charleston, SC, and opened fire, killing nine innocent people, apparently just for being born black. The lesson is that it is really is a shame that no one took him seriously.

On Sunday the Emmanuel AME Church resumed normal services that was shown live with a full house.  The churches in Charleston all rang their bells in unison at ten o’clock in tribute to the nine innocent people who last their lives.

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  1. What a sad and terrible shame that those poor beautiful innocent people’s lives were taken. If anyone EVER talks about actually going out shooting ANYONE to ANYONE, it should absolutely be taken seriously and reported, no matter how much you care about that individual.
    On another note, does anyone else suppose this will be another excuse to take away the normal citizen’s right to bare arms? Something about this smells a horrible stench of government conspiracy. Smh.

  2. All i can say that i’m sad beyond words for the lost of live of those 9 innocent people. REST IN PEACE. My heart goes out to the family and friends and all the peace loving American people

  3. I feel like if ur planning something bad, u get fed up with everything and have to vent or kill someone, go to a crackhouse and take em out. Don’t go to a church where people are trying to better themselves or have hope of something in this fucked up world. Go for people that deserve it. Not even just crack houses take out pedophiles every town has registry they even do the work for u by posting their addresses. Before cops catch on u should have 10 in the bag. Dont hurt the good people, its a struggle to even find them.

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