The Tiny House Movement of Bestie Row

The Tiny House Movement of Bestie Row

Tiny houses are making an appearance across the country and seem to be growing in popularity. A group of Texas friends are taking the simplistic housing trend to the next level. It is not unusual for adults in a community to become best friends and spend recreational time together. They often spend weekends or outings as a group. The families may join forces and venture forth on vacations. The friendships last a lifetime. However, recently four couples made the decision to create their own neighborhood, which has been dubbed “Bestie Row.”






All were intrigued and interested in finding a way to live together in perfect harmony. The couple thus got together and opted to turn an idea into reality. Initially, they purchased land along the Llano River near Austin. Initially the couples contemplated living in one sprawling estate. But after giving the idea more thought, the group came to the conclusion that giving each couple their own personal space would ensure the longevity of the 20 plus year friendships. They then enlisted the aid of architect Matt Garcia.




Desiring a space that all could come together and enjoy their ongoing camaraderie, the couples decided upon a central 1,500 square foot structure that would house a kitchen, dining area and additional room for indulging in various activities or entertaining visiting guests. Outside of the communal gathering location, each couple chose to live in 400 square foot cabins. Construction of the “Llano Exit Strategy” was then underway.



The result is a series of structures designed for sustainability, which ensures minimal environmental impact. The line of identical domiciles cost $40,000 each. Metal corrugated siding covers each building and serves to reflect the rays of the hot Texas sun. Foam insulation keeps the structures cool in the summer while retaining heat in the winter. Each roof purposely slopes, which directs rainwater into specially built catchment tanks that help with water conservation efforts.



The home interiors are simplistic in design and style. The wood used for the walls, ceilings, floors and other structures is modestly treated in order to showcase the natural grain and coloration. Each home has ample space to contain a bedroom, bathroom and room for any other general desired living attributes. Each home has a perfect view of the scenic Llano River, which remains a popular location for fly fishing. Looking out over the vast expanse, one sees the flowing river that is lined by an undulating landscaped comprised of occasional sandstone buttes that are decorated with a variety of native vegetation.







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