Will President-Elect Trump Move from His Manhattan Penthouse into the White House?

Will President-Elect Trump Move from His Manhattan Penthouse into the White House?

A Big Relocation

Will President-Elect Trump move from his Manhattan penthouse into the White House? Yes! Modern United States Presidents reside in the White House.



However, Donald Trump will retain ownership of his gold plated penthouse in New York City, too. He constructed it to reflect his abundant lifestyle.

A Glamorous Penthouse

The beautiful penthouse in Trump Towers naturally inspires a lot of public interest. When he appeared on the TV show Celebrity Apprentice, Donald Trump invited some celebrities to visit his residence there. He pointed out the extensive gold decor.

Decorated in the 18th century Rococo Style, the Trump penthouse in New York City glitters with golden frescoes. Designer Angelo Donghia created the lovely penthouse in the 1980s. Located on the 58th floor of a Manhattan skyscraper, it offers a great view of Central Park.

Donald and Melania Trump have filled their penthouse with beautiful works of art and priceless antique furniture. They decorated the front door with gold and sparkling diamonds!

The White House: A Historic Adress

Of course, the White House will offer a prestigious historic address. The building sits at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington D.C. Today, a lot of security features protect the premises.

The White House boasts an impressive history. An Irish builder named James Hoban won a national contest to design the first White House. His architectural plans beat drawings submitted by future President Thomas Jefferson!


James Hoban created a huge Georgian-style mansion. President John Adams moved into the unfinished building in 1800. At the time, Washington D.C. remained a very small town. Unfortunately, British military forces burned the first White House to the ground during the War of 1812.

A New Power Address

The United States rebuilt the White House after the War of 1812. The national home of the elected President of the USA remained under construction for many years. Presidents often added new features.

In 1901, President Theodore Roosevelt bestowed the official name “the White House” on the big white marble mansion. Soon afterward, architects constructed the famous Oval Office. It remains the room where U.S. Presidents have worked ever since.

Even President Trump will probably consider the White House large. Today it includes over 132 rooms. A professional housekeeping staff maintains the home in a clean, neat condition. Some famous locations in the modern White House include the Lincoln Bedroom and The West Wing.


President-Elect Donald Trump’s White House


What features will Donald Trump add to the White House? He has not discussed this subject very much yet. Some online rumors suggest he may spend a lot of vacation time at his luxurious Manhattan penthouse. Today, most U.S. Presidents take long vacations because they perform such stressful work.

President Obama spent a lot of time in Hawaii, a state where he spent part of his childhood. President George W. Bush spent nearly a third of his presidency on vacation at his Texas ranch. So probably Americans will expect President Trump to spend some time in Manhattan.

However, some late night comics have already had some fun at the President-Elect’s expense. One of them convinced members of the public Donald Trump would install a champagne fountain at the White House. He also joked our next President would construct an even taller building there.

The New White House

What, if any, changes will President Trump really make to the White House? The world will have to wait and see!

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