The World’s 10 Most Powerful Women 2015

The World’s 10 Most Powerful Women 2015

Beyonce wasn’t kidding when she asked and answered her own question, “Who run the world? Girls.” Even more so, the most powerful women in the world are in a league of their own. From politicians to CEOs, these women have earned their spot based on global visibility and economic impact. According to Forbes magazine, these are the women who hold the power.

#1 Angela Merkel, 61
Chancellor of Germany
Earns approximately $234,383 per year



#2 Hillary Clinton, 67
Former U.S. Senator and 67th U.S. Secretary of State
Earns approximately $30 million per year
Hillary Clinton helped found the Clinton Foundation which is a nonprofit humanitarian foundation. The focus is improving the global health of women and girls. As of 2014, the foundation had raised an estimated $2 billion.


#3 Melinda Gates, 51
Businesswoman and philanthropist
Estimated net worth of $85 billion
Melinda Gates’ philanthropic work is her focus. It is reported that in 2014 alone she donated $3.9 billion. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation paid out an estimated $33 billion in grants.


#4 Janet Yellen, 69
15th Chair of the Federal Reserve
First female head of the Federal Reserve
Earns an estimated $201,700 per year

Janet Yellen

#5 Mary Barra, 53
CEO of General Motors
First female CEO of a major international automaker
Earned $16.2 million in 2014

General Motors

#6 Christine Lagarde, 59
Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund in France
Earns $467,940 per year

Christine Lagarde__1442855005_8.12.1.98

#7 Dilma Rousseff, 67
36th President of Brazil and first woman to hold the office
Earns $26,723 per month

Dilma Rousseff__1442855040_8.12.1.98

#8 Sheryl Sandberg, 46
COO of Facebook
Earns $845 million per year
Donated $11.8 million in stocks in 2012

Sheryl Sandberg__1442855087_8.12.1.98

#9 Susan Wojcicki, 47
CEO of YouTube
Net worth of $300 million
Was ranked among biggest donors to U.S. charities, donating $223 million in 2012

Susan Wojcicki__1442855104_8.12.1.98

#10 Michelle Obama, 51
First Lady of the U.S.
Earns approximately $477,383 per year

Michelle Obama__1442855068_8.12.1.98

While many names on the powerful women list may not be household names, these women are making incredible developments and global impacts behind the scenes. What is so noteworthy about this list is how women have touched every single aspect of business, technology, entertainment, and politics. Also rounding out the top 100 are Oprah Winfrey at #12, Beyonce Knowles at #21, and Taylor Swift at #64. With so many women using their power for good, who knows what the 2016 list will bring.