These 8 Jobs You Can Only Get in Africa

These 8 Jobs You Can Only Get in Africa

Africa is a unique continent with an interesting economy. With its own unique combination of resources, Africa’s economy is based on agriculture, energy, mining, drilling, and manufacturing. Africa’s exports are focused mainly on the continent’s raw materials and crops which include oil, diamonds, cotton, coffee, and nuts. Given Africa’s unique resources and economy, the continent is home to jobs which can be found nowhere else.


1. Teff Farmer


Teff is a crop that is native to Africa. It is a grain that is full of protein, and it is popular in the Horn of Africa. The grain is used to make specialty bread that is used in Ethiopian cooking.

Teff Farmer

2. Safari Guide

Africa is known for its jungle safaris, and only in Africa are people employed as guides to show tourists the African jungle and its unique wildlife and vegetation.

3. Creche Caretaker

A creche is a nursery where young children are cared for and educated during the workday. Workers at creches care for and educate children in a very flexible style. Creche caretakers can plan their own lessons and buy their own groceries and supplies using a budget.

Creche Caretaker

4. Bus Tout

Bus touts work on Africa’s busy streets, seeking passengers to ride public minibuses. The bus touts find passengers, call in for them, and collect the passengers’ fares and tips.

bus tout

5. Akadina Player

An akadina is a large xylophone that can be played by up to six players. The complex instrument is popular throughout Africa and it expresses the unique musical style of Africa. The instrument is especially popular in Uganda.

6. Fantasy Coffin Maker

Similar to Africa’s ancient burial traditions, many deceased African’s choose to be buried in coffins that incorporate their own unique interests and personalities. As a result, fantasy coffins are in demand in Africa. The artists who design these customized coffins are well-respected professionals who are often featured by galleries and museums.

Fantasy Coffin Maker

7. African Children’s Missionary

African children’s missionaries deliver the message of Jesus Christ to young children, and also work to improve children’s quality of life by delivering them much needed food, medicine, and clothing. Africa’s impoverished regions are served by these missionaries.

8. Game Ranger

Africa’s unique and diverse wildlife means that professionals are needed for conservation and education efforts. An African game ranger is responsible for leading conservation efforts to protect species that are indigenous to Africa. Game rangers also provide education to others to help them interact with wildlife safely.

The jobs above exist only in Africa due to the continent’s unique characteristics and history. If you are interested in some of these unusual trades, you will likely only find them by moving to Africa.